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#413634 by FishyMails Sun Jul 12, 2020 3:33 pm
From: Dondo Mogajane <[email protected]>
Other e-mails: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 2020 23:18:29 +0000
Subject: Good day

I am a Director general in the South African treasury. I decided to contact you after reviewing your reputable profile which gives me the intuition that you will be a potential business partner in a transfer of some funds that will total up to 50 million united states dollars. I will give you my full names and identity on receiving your acceptance to work with me.

This money was realized after reviewing some tenders presented to my table for approval for the supply of protective gears for health workers and after making researches on the actual cost from a known company that manufactures these protective gears I quickly spoke to one of the suppliers and he assure me that he will give me commission from the actual quotation if only I can approve his quote and please note ,his supply prize is the cheapest of all notwithstanding.

He has been paid in full, but the commission is still lying waiting for claim as the supply is still on going and I hope you will not judge me for taking advantage of this pandemic that is ravaging the world to make wealth for myself but I want you to understand that this is an opportunity that presented itself to me by awarding this tender for the supply of protective gears for health workers throughout my country since the insurgence of this virus here in South Africa early March this year and I was afforded this opportunity without inflating the prize quoted by the supplier therefore not taking undue advantage of this situation with my position .

I will wait for your immediate response to my email so that I will direct you to my personal friend who is a top banker that will work with you to move this money to your account quickly and we will enter into an agreement to either invest the fund or I can give you some commission for your assistance .Waiting for your response .

Thank You

Email: [email protected]

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