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#413663 by AlanJones Sun Jul 12, 2020 11:35 pm
From: Barry Holton - [email protected]
Reply-to: [email protected]
Subject: From Mr. Barry J. Holton UN Diplomatic New York
Tel. No.: +16612463836

Kind Attention Please

First I must apologize for contacting you if you think my help is not
needed. I am writing this mail to you with tears and sorrow from my
heart. My problem is that I hate to see people being cheated for no
reason. I am a junior staff at the UN liaison office here in New York
- USA and while going through some of the files in my office, I
discovered that some foreigners are being used and dumped by some of
our Senior Directors, Banks Executives and the Government officials.

Please be informed that a payment of ($5.5 Million USD) only was
approved to be paid to you but this money has not yet been paid out to
your account. I have found out that these top officials are using your
money to trade at the International Market buying stocks and making
interest while delaying your payment.

These officials use delay tactics to hold on to your payment while
they make money. They will tell you that your transfer or check will
be delivered today and when that time comes, they will come up with
another excuse why your payment was stopped or cancelled.

Just last week they presented a woman by name Mrs. Julie Mayo who came
to our office with a letter which she claimed you gave her to claim
this money on your behalf. She said that you are dead, that you gave
her the letter authorizing her to claim the money when you became so

This payment is either as a result of lottery, inheritance or some
Holocaust claim which is due to you. In my further search I found out
that some of the Beneficiaries are not even aware of this payment.
They don't even know that such payments exist for them. I am
contacting you secretly believing that you will keep this as secret. I
want to work with you to move these funds to your account within 24
hours if only you can accept to work with me.

Believe me, if you work with these bank executives, the UN office and
the Government officials, all they will keep doing will be to delay
the transfer while they make more profit with your payment. I have
worked out modalities on how this transfer will be effected to your
account immediately for you to start enjoying your benefits.

Please one thing I must ask of you is to keep this secret until we get
the transfer made to your account. If you will not be able to handle
the secret part of this, please let me know and I will never contact
you again because what I want is to see that justice is done and your
money is released to you.

This payment is in your name and belongs to you so you should have it.
I am 100% sure that this can be released to your account within 24
hours if you work diligently with me today. I need immediately your
response confirming that you are alive and did not send this woman
Mrs. Julie P. Mayo to claim this money on your behalf.

If real you are dead may your soul rest in perfect peace AMEN, but if
you are alive please due call me or get back to me with the sum of
$50.00 dollars to secured the Ownership-Clearance Certificate from
Michigan because that is the only office that will issue you the
original Award Ownership Certificate of this funds, this is because
the fund originated from Ann Drive Bath Michigan U.S.A. You can pay
$50.00 by any GIFT CARD

I need your complete name, current address and your contact telephone
number to enable me start up the process immediately to avoid any
delay in getting this payment within 24 hours.Once again, I ask that
you keep this very secret and confidential until transfer is confirmed
in your account.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Barry J. Holton
UN Diplomatic New York
United States of America .USA.
Text Phone: +1 661 246 3836
Email: [email protected]

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