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#414867 by FishyMails Mon Aug 03, 2020 10:12 pm
From: "DHL OFFER" <[email protected]>
Reply-to: [email protected]
Date: 2020-08-01 9:18:45 AM -07:00

I have just received your answer and know things are up
not developing well for you financially since you have one every month
high amount for your late husband's debts to the bank
numbers. It is very difficult to have such a financial situation anymore
to overcome Especially now the pandemic crisis is terrorizing the world.
The problem of the Covid 19 pandemic crisis has created a global emergency
led because government orders from various countries are blocked
were. I would like to assure you that there are no legal transactions
long or complicated processes occur. This is legal and
legitimate and i'm glad that the funds are through a proper
Court proceedings can be released.

I have your message regarding your last reply to the bank
forwarded in which you said you had no money, and the
Bank director said that it was not possible to transfer the money
directly to her
To transfer an account without using the transaction
proper legal process, the legal justification
justify this simply means that the transfer is against
Money laundering is legally secured. However, since there is no money to pay
The court fee is available to the judicial process
he recommended that the bank issue you with a certified
Bank check worth € 800,000 to be issued only in your euro

The main purpose of issuing the bank check is that you
have some money on hand to finance the lawsuit because
You said you had no money to pay the court fees,
and you already know that I have no money and none
Have an opportunity to get something for the money since I'm here from
closely monitored by the government and authorities of Oman. Of the
Cashier's check can be registered for shipping and sent to you using the
DHL courier service will be delivered.

Once you have the original copy of the bank check,
you can bring this to your bank and for payment on the
Deposit station through your bank in your country. The bank said that
for the registration and delivery of the envelope in which the
Bank check is sealed, payment of DHL shipping registration
and the insurance fee is required and this is only 180 euros

Without this payment of 180 euros, the DHL parcel will be honest
never accept for shipping. The DHL in Burkina Faso according to the
Banking business via "cash on delivery" (C.W.O.), but not "cash on delivery"

Please, my dear, I need your support with the payment
the DHL shipping and insurance fee as this is the only fee
which is required before the check is shipped
is registered.

Please honey, I need your answer to keep going.

Thank you and be blessed

Important: Any email messages I have posted here are scams. Don't reply to these messages or click on any links. Please do not tell these criminals that their messages are posted here.

#414909 by FishyMails Tue Aug 04, 2020 4:10 pm
From: "DHL OFFER" <[email protected]>
Date: 2020-08-03 8:37:00 PM -07:00
Subject: Good Morning

Good Morning.

Hello my dear friend,

How are you today?

How are you over there
How are you over there
I am happy to send you this massager, which I have heard from you
must if you
Need your check I'll be $ 800,000 if you have the
Need check
You only have to pay an amount of € 180 so that we can get yours
Receive check-in
Your house, what you have to do, send me the money and yours
Information to get your check.

The above fee should be given to us via Money Grame or RIA Money
Transfer or Western Union with the information below
to reach.

Name of the recipient: PHILIP JOSEHP
Country: Burkina-Faso
City: Ouagadougou
Amount: € 180.

If you have heard, please continue to listen to the transfer slip
to me for perception.
Many thanks
Friendly greetings
This is from the DHL offer.

Important: Any email messages I have posted here are scams. Don't reply to these messages or click on any links. Please do not tell these criminals that their messages are posted here.

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