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#415201 by hallonkev Sun Aug 09, 2020 3:38 am
From:Daniella Kyle • [email protected]
Reply-to:[email protected]
Date:Aug 9, 2020, 03:47
Subject:Re:Allow GOD to speak with you (Read back to back)

Hello Beloved.

I am surprised to not get your reply again, I hope you received my previous response and I also hope you have contacted my Lawyer? I would also suggest that you always check your spam folder because some messages goes to spam folder, I need your sincere commitment from henceforth and your urgent response is always required, Though if it is the will of GOD that you will handle this project for me, I believe GOD will speak with your heart and he will provide you with the documentation processing fee of $1,400 which my lawyer is expecting from you for documentation at the court and when you receive the donation, you pay his legal fees, because I let my lawyer to understand that you are not rich enough to pay any other additional fee apart from the usd$1,400 documentation fee needed by the court and he said ok, my lawyer is a sincere person, I can assure you with that. Meanwhile as a believer I know if is not the will of GOD for you to handle this project, he will never allow you to work with me, But I believed that GOD really want you to handle this project for a reason best known to GOD alone who knows the beginning and the end, because when I found your contact during my search, GOD spoke with me that you are a genuine person with heart of gold who has also been through a lot of challenges and betrayal by people you trusted and helped in life in the past, GOD told me that you will handle this project better than any other person, that is more reason I am counting on you, because if GOD is not interested in you I will never come across your contact for this project at the first place.

Myself and my late husband has been betrayed and cheated in the past by fraudsters from African and United Kingdom, so I understand your fear for not responding accordingly, you may be thinking that my lawyer or my very self is just after the usd$1,400 required for documentation for immediate release of the donation to you, GOD forbid I will never be involved in such act, Understand that I have already pleaded with the lawyer to accept his 100% legal fee of £17,500 as soon as the donation is credited into your bank account and he has accepted, So going back to the lawyer again to tell him that you cannot afford ordinary $1,400 for documentation at the court of law will look like a child play, My beloved 'understand that I can never force you to do what is not in your mind, But If GOD spoke with your heart , please go ahead and contact my lawyer and finalize with him immediately to allow you receive the donation and start the humanitarian work immediately especially at this time of pandemic, but if GOD did not speak with you, you can forget these assignment and move on with your life, But I know my GOD will never allow Barclays Bank to confiscate my late husband hard earned £5,200,000.00 GBP why millions of believers are going through hardship and no genuine donation for his Gospel, I know must donations via internet are fraudulent, only few genuine people like myself has genuine donation to offer via internet, so GOD really love you for me to be in contact with you, I wish I had kids I would have not been in this pain and humiliation by my late husband family, all they are after is worldly things that is vanity upon vanity, from all indications my condition is really bad and it's quite obvious that I won't live more than 1 month according to my doctors here, but I believe that GOD has the final say not my doctors, if GOD can raise the death I believe he can still do same miracle in my life.

If GOD speaks with you to work with me, I will urge you to go ahead and finalize with the lawyer immediately, I will give you time to make up your mind, but I prayed I will still be alive to see you receive this donation as GOD showed me that you will handle this project diligently, I am going through a lot here, GOD is my hope and my life, please keep praying for me, I really need a honest and GOD fearing person like you who will use these £5,200,000.00 GBP donation for Charity work, helping the Less Privileges completely , and 30% of the fund is for your time, while 70% goes to charities please.

Again, below is my lawyer contact detail, contact him via his E-mail as soon as you make up your mind.

Kian Chambers & Associates

(Certified Human Resources Professional)

Office: 45 Berkeley Square

London W1J 5AP

Contact person: Michael Kian (ESQ)

(B.A , L.L.B , M.A, N.A.A)

Mobile: (44) 20 338 959 36

E-mail: [email protected]

GOD bless you and please always stay safe.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Daniella Kyle

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