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#418849 by Derek Trotter Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:23 pm
From: METAL SOFT <[email protected]>
Date: 20 Oct 2020, 10:57

I am Mr Pari working with a bank in London. I have emailed you earlier
on without any response from you. In my first email, I mentioned my
late client whose relatives I cannot get in touch with. But both of
you have the same last name so it will be very easy to front you as
his official next of kin. Frankly speaking, I have been following up
with the file of the deceased for the past two years (2years) and have
seen that it is 100% possible for me to use my seat/office at my place
of work to claim this money through the cooperation of a foreign
partner who bears the last name of the deceased since I cannot come
out openly for the claim because I am a staff of the same bank.
Actually, I have the possibility of filing your name as the next of
kin to the deceased as to enable the claim. This becomes 100% possible
since the deceased did not / failed to fill the space of his next of
kin with any name before and after his death, this and more gives room
for me to fill the space with your own name as the next of kin since
we both have the same interest /goal.
Since it is only remaining few months for this claim to end, I don't
want this huge amount to be called into the bank reserve account as
unclaimed money since I can divert the fund into your account with the
cooperation of both parties.
This is why I decided in contacting you immediately I came across your
e-mail address during the process of my navigation. l guarantee you
100% risk-free, of this claim.
Once I receive your response that you are interested in this deal, I
will send you the text of application form for all applicants of the
claim of next of kin. you are advised to re-fill the application
ending with your name and signature, scan with scanning machine into
your computer and send it directly to the bank E-mail address.
Please, I am very serious, I know it may sound like a joke to you but
it is real as a trial may convince you. It is a lifetime opportunity
that just called, I decided to trust you since the need be and trust
is the only root of any international business and I believe you will
not fail me. I am compelled to do this because I would not want the
finance house to push my client’s funds into their treasury as
unclaimed inheritance. If you are interested you do let me know so
that we can get started.
This is my personal address
[email protected]
[email protected]
Yours faithfully,
Mr Pari

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