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#422219 by Basil Brush Mon Jan 11, 2021 11:59 am
From: Jerry Kloubarly Ngessan <[email protected]>
Reply-to: [email protected]
Date: 11 Jan 2021, 10:27
Subject: Mr.Jerry Kloubarly Ngessan

Hello Please
I am Mr. Jerry Kloubarly Ngessan, I stopped at your email from our international business directory in my research for a reliable person to partner with, I have a business that will profit us both that I want us to discuss. You can contact me for more details for convenient business discussion if you are interested.
My email is ([email protected]) I will be glad to hear from you soon for more details
Thanks for your time and waiting for your response
Mr.Jerry Kloubarly Ngessan

Every message posted belongs to a criminal. Do not reply to these criminals using any real life details and do not tell them they are posted here; if you do, it will take them seconds to change their details so that any new victims will never find them.

#422315 by mettes Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:34 am
The next scripted reply
Hello my new friend,
Thank you very much for your honest response to my mail. It is true that we did not know each other before I contacted you into this project that will create a new chapter in our lives and our families, I found myself in this opportunity and with my position in the bank, I have no option than to give out this blind trust. I believe nothing happens on earth by chance our destinies are in God’s hand. As much as you will assure me that I will have my 70% as soon as you receive this money transferred into your account in your country. I will appreciate it if I can confide in you for this business that will profit us both. I want to assure you that this project will not in any way bring any harm to us, rather everlasting joy in our lives. Please my dear friend this money is my only hope of securing my financial stability, I strongly believe that you will not betray me.

We have to treat everything concerning this transaction with uttermost secrecy to avoid any raise of eyebrow until this money is transferred to your bank account in your country. As the director of accounting and auditing, I have carefully monitored this account for many years. The owner of the account died in an accident and since then there has never been any next of kin shown for the claim now the account is no longer active and the bank may soon divert this fund to their reserve account or the federal government through the finance ministry may identify the fund as unclaimed funds and wish to divert it to the federal government treasury which shall be used for some government developmental project. Or some of our bank top officials may divert the fund for their selfish interest.

I want you to keep this project as top secret and very confidential since you understand my position in the bank that I will not be directly involved in the claim but I will give you all the details you need for the smooth transfer claim of the fund.Before we can take any further step in this project, i want you to confirm your full name, contact address, Age, phone number, marital status, occupation and nationality including your photo ID card. First as soon as I get to my office with these details, I will work on the deceased account files and records then use your name as the right next of kin since the deceased did not use anybody as his next of kin during the deposit then I will place you in the paper work and account files of the deceased as his next of kin after that, I will direct you to the department and lead you for the application. Like I told you, I took my time to work on this deal and if it’s not safe, I wouldn’t have thought of doing it in the first place.

The deceased was Engr Tarun C.Majagi who used to work as foreign expatriate with some oil companies here, everything about our claim shall be smooth and fair because I will do all work in the deceased account file with your name and in your favor as soon as I can trust you for this deal.

I want to assure you that this deal is 100% risk free because the transfer shall be made under the BTO financial laws of this country and you shall receive the transfer as an inheritance fund so that you will not have any problem with your financial part of the government for receiving such a huge amount in your personal account. The transfer shall be clear in your account as an inheritance fund the only thing we shall do is to pay tax to your government for the transaction after the money is in your account.

If this deal is not safe I wouldn’t have thought of doing it in the first place and I want to assure you that I have done my home work very well and the deal is in a good position. As soon as I receive your acceptance for 70% for me and 30% for you, I will start work on the deceased account file before you can make an application for the claim.

Best regards
Mr. Jerry Kloubarly Ngessan
#422369 by mettes Sat Jan 16, 2021 6:10 am
Hello my new friend .
How are you today, how is you work and the members of your family hope everyone is safe, I want to share this information with you in confidence and please keep it to yourself and ensure that you share this information with nobody

The name of the bank is Banque Atlantique to confirm the funds. Open the bank's website. See the upper right corner. You will see the online banking. Click on it and start the session to check the account and verify that the funds have been available since 2009 and the funds are ready for claim. After confirming the funds, I want you to confirm that your bank account is active and good to receive these huge amount of money
I will need your details like i listed in my previous message to enable me do the inside works before you can make the application
Username: JuzSARL
Password: [email protected]@@@lock

When you open our bank website, go to online banking then log into the online bank account to confirm the funds. Please be very careful not to open the online account in different locations and on different devices once you are careless about this instruction, it will raise a security red flag at the bank for security reasons the bank will block the access and we may not have means to monitor the status of the funds please make sure you don't share this online access details with anybody because these funds means so much to my life and family

I wait for your confirmations as soon as you can. Please send me your complete names address, phone number and ID card for me to get your positioned as the legal beneficiary of the said funds

Mr. Jerry Ngessan

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