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#422484 by Troy Platt Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:23 am
From: Luis Williams <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 20:12:37 -0800
Subject: From Mr.Luis Williams.

Bank of America Higher Standards Home
From The Desk of: Mr.Luis Williams.
Bank of America
Credit/Telex Department.12/B13 Kingston Drive,
Reply to:[email protected]


Endeavor to response as soon as you received this notification for proper documentation of the transfer to be done.

Did you authorize anybody to claim your approved fund of US$10.5M on your behalf? we need your urgent response because your file had a problem due to a petition filed by one Mr.Edgar Carlos from Texas claiming to be your Attorney he said that you have handed him the ownership of this approved fund of US$10.5M we received this Bank Account particulars below from Mr.Edgar Carlos claiming to be your attorney and he want Bank of America to remit the approved US$10.5m on bellow account information and he is ready to pay all the charges to ensure the transfer is made on the below bank account.

Bank Name: Wells Fargo
BANK ADDRESS: 4170 Pleasant Hill Road Duluth, NA 30096 U.S.A.
Account No: 245-135922291-1-42
ROUTING NUMBER: 061000227 ,
Account Name: Mark Howard

We need to been sure Before Remittance Department Bank of America kick off the transfer to provided account details, for this new development The management of this bank are suspicious that is the reason Bank of America need your urgent reply before the transfer of US$10.5M can be finally remitted as requested by Mr.Edgar Carlos.If our suspicious is correct get back to us immediately to direct you what next to do to stop the transfer and informe CIA and F.B.I to get Mr.Edgar Carlos arrested.

Also note is our duty to protect our customer so we need to verify before the transfer can be made to the forwarded bank account given to us by Mr.Edgar Carlos, to this effect we have contacted you to know if you are aware of this new arrangement to avoid fraudulent fund diversion to wrong account. Do confirm to us immediately if you authorized this new arrangement so we will not be held liable at the end of transfer.

But you are not aware of the arrangement Bank of America need POWER OF ATTORNEY CERTIFICATE AND PROOF OF OWNERSHIP
FUND Certificate?e of the transfer should in case you don't have it in your possession, contact us back to direct you where to obtain it .

Because is the only certified documents you need to received the payment of US10.5M in your account From Bank of America , get back immediately to direct you where to get all legal paper work that will back up the transfer in your name to enable us have access to make direct transfer of this US$10.5M to your personal bank account.

Lastly If our suspicious is correct reconfirm your bank account information where you wish to received this approved US$10.5M from Bank of America because as soon as we direct you to the officer and you secure this POWER OF ATTORNEY CERTIFICATE from his office the approved fund will be remit to your account immediately, so your direct phone and your bank details is needed to enable us program your information in our system for the transfer to hit your account as soon as comply to the instruction.

Thanks for your Co-operation

Sincerely ,

Mr.Luis Williams
Director Bank of America.
Bank of America
Salinas California.
Reply to:[email protected]

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