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#422845 by Troy Platt Thu Jan 28, 2021 10:19 am
Reply-To: [email protected]
From: "Mr. Antonio Guterres" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2021 19:02:12 +0300



Compliment of the season. We write to inform you that it have been
authorized by the international community in conjunction with the
World Bank to investigate the unnecessary delay of your Outstanding
Contract/Inheritance Payment. We have also been empowered to recommend
and approve your Fund for payment if certified as genuine. During the
course of our investigation, we discovered with dismay that your
payment has been unnecessarily delayed by some corrupt officials of
the Bank who are trying to divert your Fund into their Private
Accounts. To forestall this, security for your Funds has been
organized and for the safety of your funds we have been specifically
advised to release this payment to you either by Telegraphic Transfer
into your Designated Account, by a Certified Bank Draft or through
special Cash Delivery/ATM CARD/ONLINE TRANSFER.

The United Nation have agreed with the World Bank that we will release
this payment of (US$10.5 Million) to you Via the United Nations
Accredited Bank to avoid the hopeless situation created by Officials
of the Previous Bank. Also remember that all you will ever have to
spend is $50 only. Nothing more! Nothing less! And we guarantee the
receipt of your Fund to be successfully release to you because;
everything has been taken care of, including Taxes papers, Clearance
and insurance. You are advised to send the $50 only for immediate
release of your fund through any gift card like, Google Play, Steam
Wallet or iTunes cards. Once you purchase the cards scratch it and
take a picture of the card with the numbers and send a copy to me. You
are advised to furnish your information and let us know how you wish
to receive your Approved Fund so we can release your fund to you
immediately. We are so sure of everything and we are giving you a 100%
Money back guarantee if you do not receive your payment within the
next 48hrs. Send the receipt of the gift card along with the scratch
picture of the gift card once purchased.

Mr. Antonio Guterres

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