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#425279 by Michelle Tue May 04, 2021 11:50 am
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From: joyce benda <[email protected]>

From United Nation Organization And Scam Victim Desk
DC1 1200, One UN Plaza,
Washington DC 10017,1775 Street NW
USA. Organization Scam Victim of American
States DHD 1889 F Street Office 610 Washington
DC 20006 USA Wold Leadership Operation on Scam Victim.

Get Back To Us Now Because You Have Made It Sir/Madam.

Your crying has been dictated by the United Nation Organization And
Scam Victim Compensation Desk, and these two Agencies has wrote to
your City Authorities about this and are ready to work with your City
and Local Security Agency as the total sum of the $25,000,000,00
(Twenty Five Million United state Dollars) has been converted into ATM
Master Card is in your name to be handle and bring to your house and
hand over to you by the Government Agent.

This process shall cost the sum of the $100 for all expenses and you
shall receive the total fund immediately with out any much delaying
as it has to be handle by the Government Agent, and so you are hereby
to go and buy ay of the listed Card and send.


Keeping on delaying can not and will never help you in receiving of
your Fund at all, and I will not be happy at all if you keeps delaying
over this concluded arrangement of this transaction ok.

If you don't have chance to go and buy the Card your self, kindly give
this only sum of the $100 to some one to go to the store and buy the
I-Tune Card, Scratch it and send it, do it this way, buy the I-Tunes
Card of Single $100 Dollar and then send the Card Code Numbers.

Already a friend of mine has just promised to assist you with the sum
of the $200 and I would not like any delay from you that would lead
him to make use of the money which he wanted to assist you with, as I
personal did not like to promise and disappoint you at all.

Therefore you have to try very harder to go now and buy a Steam Wallet
or i Tune Card single $100 and send so the Government Agent shall
bring the Card to your house and hand over to you immediately since
nobody will stop the Card on the way since the mailing shall be handle
by the Government Agent?

I am hoping to hear back from you now.

Thanks for you understanding and feel free because your local
Government are working with the United Nation Organization And Scam
Victim Desk over your total fund in the ATM Master Card and for sure,
it shall be bring to your house and hand over to you. This is a
promised to you!

Best Regards,
Dr. Mark Johnson
From United Nation Organization And Scam Victim Desk
E-mail; [email protected]

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