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.Firstly let me introduce myself properly, am Angelika Meyer originally from the Bahamas.
But I work with a bank here in Turkey.
Am looking at my retirement by next month and I will be going back to Bahamas where I reside.
To cut the story short I manage an account, a secret account belonging to a very corrupt politician from the oil rich country of Bahrain.
The balance on his account is €19.6 million euros.
As we speak the owner of the account, who is the corrupt politician died of corona virus some months ago. and No body knows about the existence of his account, he has with my bank apart from myself who has been the account manager for 6 years now.
like i said, i will retire from the bank work after 15 years of active service, and I will not leave such an account and retire.
All I want is a partner I can do the transaction with, to redirect the whole funds to your name and we transfer all the funds out from my bank immediately.
We will share the funds equally on a 50/50 agreement. I need someone who is not known like you to finish the transaction with. We only need 4 banking days to finish the whole process.
look you really have nothing to fear about, the transaction is very safe. the politician is from Bahrain he is so greedy and corrupt that he stole over €300 million euros from his Bahrain government and all these funds are lodged outside in different foreign banks. without anyone aware of it.
i bring it to you that, now that he is late, all those stolen funds are gone. it is now the profit of the banks or a smart account manager like myself to make life easy.
so since am aware of these €19.6 million euros with my bank, as the account manager, i have to safe guard the funds for myself, because no soul on planet earth knows about the funds.
if i don't remove the funds, it will finally become the property of my bank.
am going on retirement by next month, i need to start a new life, i believe if i don't grab these opportunity, then the funds will become bank funds.
I will give you all details on how we can proceed and conclude.
Just want you to be honest and trustworthy. Not when you receive all the funds, you will now change.
If I get a response from you, I will immediately tell you the only step to follow.
Waiting to hear from you and Kindly reply here:{ [email protected] }
Angelika Meyer
WhatsApp Number: +1 804 298 1286
E-mail: [email protected]

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