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#435754 by KomradeKermit Mon Aug 15, 2022 10:01 am
From: Rebecca Halstead - [email protected]
Subject: Hello are you there?
Reply to: [email protected]


Could you please write me back I have the purpose of contacting you,
thank you, Rebecca.


My Dearest

thanks for your effort so far my beloved darling how are you doing
today i hope fine? Darling I'm just coming back from lawyer's office
now with the
Reverend and I'm very happy to see that very soon I will come out of
this prison called refugee camp and start a new life with you for the
rest of my life. I went to the Lawyer's office to know how he have
been doing with the preparation of the power of attorney, Lawyer (Barr
William Richard) told us that he had made all
arrangement and that we should pay him first. Lawyer stated that this
payment will cover all the expenses at the federal high court before
the power of attorney becomes legal and a little part of it for his services.
Darling please help me pay the Lawyer now to enable him provide the
power of attorney for us to complete this transaction. My love I
depend on you for my freedom and you are my only hope to fulfill my
dream, please help me pay Lawyer now. Thanks for being there for me
and thanks for your caring and understanding.
Darling please use the below details and send the ( $310 USD ) for
the lawyer by western union money transfer or Money Gram as stipulated
by the lawyer.

Below is the chambers details.

272 Rue Ernest Betote
Dakar Senegal.
Phone +221709332719

my love I am strongly counting on you for my life to be changed my beloved one.
Waiting to hear from you soonest,
Greetings from your dearest love,

your love.


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