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#435755 by Lucy Quipment Mon Aug 15, 2022 1:09 pm
Dear customer,
I am Abrar A. Anwar Standard Chartered Bank CEO, i came into the Bank to
record some files after the holiday break and discovered that your
fund worth's US$19.7 Million are still in our Bank and the files says
you are demanding for refund of all the money you have sent and
didn't receive, I have control over the fund as speak, instead of
Refunding you all the money you already paid for the transaction
and i have a guaranteed solution for you to receive the total fund of
$19.7 Million today but you will pay just fee of US$550.00 ONLY
for FUND CLEARANCE charge.

THIS MANAGEMENT GUARANTEED REFUND: Just choose any Payment option you
would like to receive your US$19.7Million fund through 3 PAYMENT
OPTIONS below:

OPTION (1): Raising Bank ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Swift Visa Card to you.
OPTION (2): Payment through Online Banking System on your Mobile device.
OPTION (3): Bank to Bank Wire Transfer.

Your Full Name ....
Your Address......
Your Phone Number.....

Best Regards
Abrar A. Anwar CEO
[email protected]

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