Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#436228 by hellraiser Thu Sep 22, 2022 9:02 pm
Initial scam e-mail from [email protected]

We are so sorry for the delay in making your contract and inheritance payment to you for such a long time now.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this mail and please furnish me with the below information's.

1.Your real names and address:
2.Your telephone number and fax:
3.Your age/Occupation:
4:Your international passport/drivers license
5.Your receiving bank information
6.Your total payment value amount:

All these I will use and secure fresh payment approvals in your names and favor through this mode payment so that it will be easy for you.

Dr. clement Soda
International telex Director

The scammer also refers to themselves as "Dr. Stanley Biko".
Their IP address is (Lagos, Nigeria).

Every e-mail I post here is a scam.
If you have been contacted by a scammer you should cease communication.
Never let a scammer know you're on to them, this is feedback they can use to improve their scam.

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