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#439673 by Guanaco1 Sun May 28, 2023 2:48 pm
Subject: From The desk Of The Chief Captain Of The United Nations Peace Keeping Force Captain Marry Wayne

Marry Wayne [email protected]
Marcus Clifford [email protected]

Attention Attention Hello I am captain marry Wayne from the United Nations peace keeping force in Syria i am a citizen to the united states of America by marriage but i am Australian by birth i have been working here for the past 8 years now as a senior regiment commander with the un peace keeping force . My reason of contacting you today is to make a revelation about two consignment trunk boxes containing the sum of 50 million us dollars in cash containerise in two boxes with each of them containing the sum of 25 million dollars each . This two boxes was entrusted to me by a very rich and powerful family in Syria here when i work by a man called Ibrahim Rafik before he was shot dead by UNknown Islamic jihad as a captain my position here can not allow me to keep these two boxes for a long time in fact i have been doing that for the past two years now . Last week i managed to shipped out this two trunk boxes out from Syria to the united states of America through the help of a pilot working with the un transportation company to the city of New York City were it has been kept very safely in one private security company over there pending my arrival to the united states of America . With the way things are now i will not be going home for another one year time from now so i need a very reliable Investor or beneficiary who will help me clear up the two boxes from the private security company as the next of kin to Mr Ibrahim Rafik And .all necessary documents that will give you the rights to claim this two boxes are in tact with the agent in charge of the boxes over there in America, then You will kindly provide the basic information bellow if you are interested with this proposal.

1) Full name.
2) personal residential or delivery address.
3) direct mobile number .
4) any form of identification
5) country of nationality.

I shall be waiting on your immediate responds.

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