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#439730 by Wiljames Wed May 31, 2023 6:02 pm
MTCN is no longer valid...

from: WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER [email protected]
reply-to: [email protected]
date: May 29, 2023

Dear Customer ,

Western Union Money Transfer is responding to your mail just to let

you know the reason you have not received your fund since its transfer

approval, As a matter of fact; we have verified so many things about

your fund and the reason you have not received any money from Benin

Western Union Bureau was because of International Funds Transfer


So, based on my present verification, a transfer permit document is

needed and should be presented to the Federal Ministry of Finance for

immediate release of all the documents backing the transfer. Because;

all the necessary documents that guarantees the legal transferring of

the funds are seized by the finance minister.

Your funds are to be covered by International Funds Transfer Permit,

and no person authorized to change or add to any obligations under

this transfer permit. Obligations for service and parts under this

transfer permit must be performed by Western Union Money Transfer

using it as directed by law guiding international funds transfer.All

other documents are intact except the International Funds Transfer


Therefore, I want to let you know that this International Funds

Transfer Permit is the only thing delaying your $3.500.000.00USD in

our Western Union Money Transfer System and as soon as you pay the

fee, I shall obtain the funds transfer paper and you will now start

receiving the transfer on the expected amount of $15,000 every day by

receiving in splits of $3,000 on each transfer.

If not for request of International Funds Transfer Permit you would

have started receiving your daily transfer. Today, a transfer attempt

was made but you are not allowed to pick the transfer until the

documents is submitted to the Benin Rep, financial authority.You can

check on the status of the $3.000 sent to you today.

Western union tracking site :

https://www.westernunion.com/web/global ... k-transfer

Sender name; Kima Yoono

MTCN; 817-866-0356

Country : Benin Republic

City : Cotonou

Country code : 00229

Address : 01 BP 2020 COTONOU Carrefour des Trois Banques

As soon as you send the $50.00USD fee, this $3.000 will be released

for immediate pick up. You can track and see that the status is

available for you to pick up but after the transfer permit is secured

to back the funds transfer.

You are to send $50.00 cost to procure the transfer permit to the

following information; You are advised to pay the required fee USD

$50.00 Via buying Itunes gift, google play gift or steam wallet gift

card and scratch it and send.or Use this below details: Try to track

your payment online by pasting this our site for confirmations :

https://www.westernunion.com/web/global ... k-transfer

Receiver name : Daby Ayo.

Country : Benin Republic

City : Cotonou

Country code : 00229

Address : 01 BP 2020 COTONOU Carrefour des Trois Banques

Send the $50.00 by Western Union for our immediate action. You will

pick up the $3,000 within few hours after you paid the fee required

from you for the International Funds Transfer Permit.

Western Union is a service people trust; save time, send money, earn rewards!

E-mail : [email protected]

Phone :+229 9811 4898

Best Regards,

Mr. Joseph Anthony

Operation Manager

Western Union Management! (WUMT)

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