Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
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From Diplat Jeffery Thomas. Mon Aug 2 06:08:46 2010
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Attn:Beneficiary ,

Am Diplomat Jeffery Thomas the diplomatic agent of Red Iaz Courier company, I was appointed by United Nation organization and International Monetary Fund Unit to convey the shipment of your long awaited fund to your postal address which is the total sum of $2.5 Millions US Dollars, I wish to inform you As the the diplomatic agent conveying the delivering of your consignment box valued for the sum of $2.5 Millions United States Dollars i have arrived to your location as instructed by your fund depositor but am sorry to inform you that i misplaced your address and am currently stranded at your International airport now. Please re-confirm the following information below so that i will know the right address to deliver your fund to you immediately and return to my Company warehouse.


Please do contact me via this telephone number:1516-502-3951 or through my mail id below As soon as possible with the required information's to enable me complete the delivering without any further delay.Meanwhile bear in mind that the customs here in your country diplomatic airport are presently going through my documentary's along with diplomatic immunity and will release me with your consignment if everything meet up with their demand so send your address fast so i can complete the delivery asap after going through the diplomatic airport customs process here in your Country.

Contact Person :Mr.Jeffery Thomas.
Email:[email protected]
call me on +1-516-502-3951

I am waiting for your mail or call immediately confirming that you have reconfirm your address to enable me make the delivering right now,Urgent response needed now am waiting for your call now on 516-502-3951 in my next mail to you i shall be sending you my diplomomatic passport for identification purpose.

Diplat Jeffery Thomas.

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