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#4443 by Obi-Wan Knievel Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:26 am
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date 7 August 2008 03:46
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I am of the Senate committee in the National Assembly of Nigeria.I am
searching for a profitable investment business, we can both go into a joint
partnership investment business if you so wish.
You can send me a proposal for a viable long-term investment either a
regular income-producing investment or a long-term investment.

I have the sum of US$18.000,000,00 that I intend to transfer overseas
through the assistance of a foreign partner.This money came as a result of
Over provision in the budget for unclaimed pension and accident insurance.

All payments have been made to beneficiaries leaving behind the over
budgeted amount of $18.000,000,00 which is deposited in the Nigeria
Deposit Bank.I have agreed to transfer the funds for private use and
investment purposes with your help.

I am contacting you to stand in as the beneficiary to process this fund
into your custody. As soon as you consent to this I will immediately send
you title documents
to the fund in your name so you can make claim for it.

I will provide you with 30% for assisting me and 10% to be set aside for
reimbursement for expenses that may arise during the process of concluding
the transaction. The transferred will follow laid down procedures.

I await your response.

Senator Ganiyu Solomon

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