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#4483 by Purple_Nights Sun Aug 10, 2008 6:23 am
This is from a so-called Nigerian senator...yeah right....

Saturday, 12 July, 2008 16:58
From: "Hon. Chief Ojo MaduekweForeign" <chiefojomaduekwe>
To: undisclosed-recipients

From the Desk of: Hon. Chief Ojo Maduekwe
Minister for Foreign AffairsMinistry.
Awolowo Road Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria.

I am Hon. Chief Ojo Maduekwe, Minister forForeign Affairs Ministry; my office monitors and controls the affairs ofall banks and financial institutions in Nigeria concerned with foreigncontract/inheritance payments.I am the final signatory to any transferor remittance of huge funds moving within banks both on the local andinternational levels, in line to foreign contracts/inheritancesettlement. I have before me list of funds, which could not betransferred to some nominated accounts as these accounts have beenidentified either as ghost accounts, unclaimed deposits andover-invoiced sum etc.

Your name was among the people expecting theirfunds to be transferred into their account, on this note; I wish to havea deal with you as regards to your unpaid funds.I have your filebefore me and hope your data's are correct and un-tampered unless youreconfirm it with immediate effect. As it is my duty to recommend thetransfer of these surplus funds to the Federal Government Treasury andReserve Accounts as unclaimed deposits, I have the opportunity to writeyou based on the instructions I received few days back from the SenateCommittee on Contract/inheritance Payments on Foreign Debts to submitthe list of payment reports/expenditures and audited reports ofrevenues. Among several others, I have decided to release your approvedpart payment USD$17.7MILLION (seventeen million seven hundred thousandunited state dollars only) into your nominated bank account you willprovide, following my idea that we have a deal/agreement and I am goingto do this legally.

MY CONDITIONS(1).Immediately thesum of USD$17.7MILLION is release to you accordingly, you will payUSD$2MILLION into an account, I will provide you after you haveconfirmed the transfer of your fund into your nominated bank account bytelegraphic Transfer (T/T), confirmable in 3 working days.
(2).Thisdeal must be kept secret forever, and all correspondence will bestrictly by email/telephone only, for security purposes, due to myposition here as a minister.
(3).There should be no third parties asmost problems associated with your fund release are caused by youragents and representative.
(4).You will be ready to pay mandatory feeof $1,320 (One thousand three hundred and twenty United state dollarsonly) for TRANSFER CHARGES amount is usd$560, ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGESusd$440, HANDLING CHARGES usd$320,Total will give you Usd$1,320 only. Mind you that due to the heavy problem deduction havecaused to our banking system in the past, the federal Government havestopped deducting money from any beneficiaries fund, due to the factthat the United Nation and World Bank Group has given an instructionthat in no occasion or circumstances, should we practice deductionagain. They also warned that if the banks are caught practicingdeduction, The particular bank license will be cease.

Based on that, Ifeel that I should let you know about that, so that you will not evenmake mention of that as regards to the Mandatory (USD$1,320) If youAGREE with my conditions,get back as soon as possible,so that l willadvise you on what to do immediately so that the transfer will commencewithout delay, so that I will proceed to fix your name on the Paymentschedule instantly to meet the Seven days mandate.view attachment to seemy Int'n passport for your understanding. I hope you don't rejectthis offer and have your long awaited fund release to you accordingly.I wait for your swift reply.

Hon. Chief Ojo Maduekwe
Foreign AffairsMinister

...i was expecting a bit more from senators to be able to write or type properly...omg and he has conditions...lol....

"...will always be watchin u..."

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