Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#4500 by Ralph Tue Aug 12, 2008 5:14 am
One of the many email addresses used by this scammer is [email protected] the lawyer who will contact you will no doubt be another charactor created by this same scammer, please dont fall victim to this scam

Good Day

I am Steven Yoko, A British citizen from Liverpool England; I stay in Benin Republic in Africa. Because my father married a second wife. Why I am telling all this is because of what I am going through. Do you know that the second wife is an African woman she did not love my father; she just wants to take over all my fathers’ wealth. Do you know that this woman has succeeding in killing my Father, I am the only son, I am 28yrs old.

Please, I need a favour from you, All I need from you is to help me and stand as my relative who wants to help me receive his money. Now I have discussed everything with my late father's lawyer here in Benin Republic where my late father deposited his money before his death. And my late fathers lawyer advice me to contact my father business associate in UK . Which I do not want to do so. Best reason known to me, I will explain when to you when reply my mail.

That why I decided to look for some one who can help me to get this fund out and transfer to his or her country. The deposit slip is with me. All I need from you is to help me when this money gets to your account, I know you will help me to invest this money in your country, your percentage will not be a problem between us, believe me.

Please, as soon as you agree to help me, I will like you to send your copy of your international passport for me to believe that I can trust you.

Moreover, I will like you to give me your yahoo id so that we can see face To face on WEB CAM for you to know who you are dealing with.

I wish my offer will be granted.

Steven Yoko

Just so I could update the file with more of the emails I sent off a reply and recieved a response

Dear Marge guru,

Sorry for the delay

Thanks for your e-mail, I really appreciate your reply, as I said in my fist mail I need help from you and secondly I need us to see face to face on WAB CAM for us to believe each other and trust too

I really l need your assistance if you can only believe me, I have all prove for you if you like do not spend any money just come down here and witness your self and see that I am a WHITE like you, Only God Knows my Heart. Please your telephone number will be needed for easy communication for both of us, please do you have yahoo id so that i can add you?

Steven Yoko

Of course he has no idea if i am white or not but the chance of this person being a white man is very slim, as to how he intends on proving he is a white man I am not sure, rest assured however that it is a scam[/quote]

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