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#4513 by Obi-Wan Knievel Tue Aug 12, 2008 6:55 pm
from [email protected]
date 12 August 2008 06:13

Dear Sir

I want to write you to know if you might be interested in buying out right 55 kg of Gold dust.

This is Gold is from the saving made by my My Late father from duty post as a miner in Ghana Obuassy Gold Mines..

The Gold is in my possession now , it is not in any bank or security company, it is kept in a safe place by My father .

Right now I will want to see if you will be interested in buying this gold dust from me, I can assure you that the price shall be highly favourable .

Get back to me if you have any interest so that I can feed you with any information you might need.

However you will be sent sample of the gold duct if you so desire and your presence here will be much more needed to see things by your self.


Mr. NB Koffi

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