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#4558 by Obi-Wan Knievel Fri Aug 15, 2008 12:40 am
from Blessing Uryimwen <bless_uwen>
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date 14 August 2008 04:49
subject From Miss Blessing Uryimwen


My dear good friend,

My name is Miss Blessing Uryimwen I am 23 years old girl This is a compelling story, and I beg you to be patient and read through to the end.I was adopted in by Mr. Samuel Uryimwen, A successfull cocoa farmer in Ivory Coast. Mr Samuel Uryimwen died as a result of the political crisis in Ivory Coast.

I loved Mr Samuel Uryimwen for his kindness to me; for taking me out of the motherless baby home and make me his own daughter. He simply adopted me because he had no child on his own.I had no memory of my real parents.

Before the death of Mr Samuel on june 12 2005 he called me on the hospital bed and narrated to me that he has some dollars packed in two trunk boxes, the total amount is these boxes are 11.5 million usd.

He made me to understand that these boxes was deposited in a security company in the capital city Ivory Coast, Abidjan. He also gave me some Authentic Documents regarding the deposited boxes. This documents indicated that I am the beneficiary of the boxes. He also made me to understand that the officials of this company do not know the real content of these boxes, he deposited the boxes as our family valuables for security reasons. He warned me not to reveal this secret to anyone untill I finish my education then I can claim the boxes and use the money to start living.

Two weeks ago, I received a letter from the private security company.The manager of this company in his letter apologized to me for waiting so long to contact me; information of my father's death simply did not reach him until a chance newspaper publication alerted him of the fact.I was then invited to come forward to their office to claim the boxes.

But this simple invitation is a very big problem to me because I don't have money to pay for the deumurrage charges; Also I don't want to reaveal the content of these boxes to the company because my late father warned me earlier. Even though I claim these boxes myself, I don't know how I can handle the money because the money is too big for me to handle. If I take the money to bank, especially now tha t the country is in a political crisis they bank must question me.

I therefore decided to look for a foreign partner who will help me claim the boxes from the security company and arrange the shippment of the boxes to abroad in your country and at the same time assist me to come over to your country to stay with you and continue my education.

I desperately need your help! I need you to contact the Ivory Coast Security Company on my behalfas the "CONSIGNEE"; claim the boxes and arrange to ship the boxes to your country. Once the boxes is shipped to you and secured, You will send me ticket and visa to come and meet you in your country.

There is absolutely NO RISK to you; You can reach me through these confidential Email ([email protected] for more introductions.

I am waiting for your response soon.
Miss Blessing Uryimwen.

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