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#296513 by soldierfortune Sat May 28, 2016 7:38 pm
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Site: spiritualdating
From: littlebrat
Date: December 30, 2015

Hi, My name is Yaser Aalimah Mohammed 33 yrs old, a Syria Nationality... Can we be friend and if possible for more as l needed someone to trust in your location and to discuss something very confidential with, l will appreciate if you can give me your moral support and to keep things as a top secret, u can lets get in touch via ([email protected]) God blees u and ur family.


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Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 21:33:08 +0200
From: Yaser Aalimah Mohammed <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: From spiritualdating

Hi.. My name is Mrs.Yaser Aalimah Mohammed a Syria Nationality. I am sorry to write to you without you knowing me before now....can we be friend and if possible for more as am a widow staying in one of the United Nations refugee camp in Turkey. l got something very confidential to discuss with you and l will appreciate if you can give me your moral support and to keep things as a top secret,.. Am ready to compensate you in returns, though i have not considered this medium to be the best manner to have approached you on important issue being that the Internet has been greatly abused over the recent years and is very unsecured for information of vital importance.

I have decided to take the chance seeing that no other means could have been faster and more efficient than the E-mail. I write to you irrespective of the fact you do not know me, but please do consider this letter as a request from a sister in dire need of your moral support.

My situation required a very urgent attention this is the reason why l choose to reach out for a matured and reasonable person.. can you get back to me as per you to tell me more about yourself, your names, age and your marital status together with what you do for a living as in job okay.. l will appreciate if l can hear from you with a kin gesture of understanding.

Mrs. Yaser Aalimah mohammed.
Syrian Refugee Camp Turkey.


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Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2016 09:53:59 +0200
From: Yaser Aalimah Mohammed <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: From spiritualdating

Asa laam Alekum,

May Allah grant you unlimited peace in life and after. As you might have seen in my profile in the site, my name is Mrs. Yaser Aalimah Mohammed 32 years old of age Al-Masri of Syria Nationality under UNHCR in Refugee Camp as illegal immigrant since the civil war broke out in my country Syria.

l decided to drop you short note in the dating side to keep a low profile and at the same time see the best way to make good, reliable and genuine connections with a matured minded person that l could trust for real and who could keep top secret and give me moral support which is attached with compensation in returns.

Through Allah favor, some of us were given desk top computer in group by the NGOs to reach out in search for friends who could give us helps and moral support when the Turkey border are no longer safe because of strays bullet that killed so many of the refugees.

My late husband was a good Syrian oil business man also a human right activist who before his death was doing well in his business. Because he was against President Al-Bashar Assad, he was targeted and killed by the government forces because he was a strong opposition supporter which forced me to run out of my city with my 3 years daughter to turkey refugee camp. It was a bitter experienced of my life, i pray that Allah rest his soul in peace until we meet again (Rahmat Allah Alihom). On the course of the violence, i lost some of my siblings, while till now i can`t even locate where others ran to for their safety.

While on my searching for help on who could give me a true shelter since i lost of my beloved husband, all i found were the wrong ones who asked me to come on webcam to practice the haram behaviors of sex on internet which i will not ever do because i was not trained in such a sinful way of life, but i am the type of woman who portray the true dignity of womanhood not minding the challenging conditions that i suffer at present.

As affectionate person i am, my current dream is to secure a loving industrious man who can team up with me to establish the left-over of my late husband`s resources valued $7.5 million us dollars in a trunk box l want to invest this cash into a lucrative business in your country or at any good location to build a life time partnership together. May i ask you, can we be real friend..? I mean can you work with me? Can you represent me if i should build my trust on you by entrusting some treasure in your care..??

I need your reply soon so that i can furnishes you back with what i mean by my asking you those questions. When i get satisfied with your clarification, then i prove to you the reason of my search for such a person like you in the site. Included here are some of my pictures and the one i had with my husband before the tragic crises took him away from me and my little daughter.

One passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter with a third party, should you have any reasons to reject this offer, please destroy this e-mail as any leakage of this information will be too bad for me. so that the security dictators of my country Syria do not trace and kill me as they killed my dear husband. I am requesting for your partnership by receiving this fund and safe keeping of it with you so that you can process our papers to join you for an investment plans, I am waiting for your usual kind respond over the requests.

Ale kum Salam
Best Regards,
Mrs. Yaser Aalimah Mohammed


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Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 10:15:57 +0200
From: Yaser Aalimah Mohammed <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: From spiritualdating

Dear "xxxxxx",

Thanks very much for your message and l appreciate every steps you takes in helping us, what you need to know is that, we are not in position financially okay to fly down to Dubai security And finance company where this consignments were deposited to have it retrieve and relocate into a more better place to start a new life all together.

Moreover, we are to keep a low key from the spy and loyalist of our president who his people murdered my husband 3 years ago and most of his hard to die guys are still at large because my husband was very popular and rich but a strong opposition leader to his dictatorship life style. l will appreciate if you can give us your moral support at this point to help us retrieve these consignments quietly and then arrange for our documents to join you in your country for new life and investment.

l will like to hear from you please, thanks very much and my best regards to your family. please keep things a top secret okay.

Mrs. Yaser Mohammed.
Syrian Refugee Camp. Turkey.


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Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 17:37:10 +0200
From: Yaser Aalimah Mohammed <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: From spiritualdating

Dear "xxxxxx",

Thank you very much for your quick and responsible reply to my email, l do appreciate your kind gesture and may Allah bless you and your family. I appreciate your mail which contains your mutual mode of care, it sounds like a sweet sounds to my heart, Really my presences here in refugee camp not only hurt my feeling but stampede my hearth desires and ambitions. Haven heard your readiness to be of assistance to my life, l will be very pleased to have you close to my life.

Before my husband's death, he survived several assassinating attempt, As a brave politician and businessman, in a month before his he met his untimely death he handed his money in a trunk Box to a Diplomatic firm through the help of United Nations immunity to move the Box out of Damascus in Syria to Scotland in the United kingdom for safe keeping, He further handed over the documents to me and asked me and my daughter Amira to move to Turkey Refugee Camp.

The box contains resources valued $7.5 million us dollars in a trunk box, I am not permitted or allowed to go into any business due to refugee status, sometimes we are seen as suspects and spies despite the fact that they know there is war in Syria. Base on this fact I want to instruct the diplomatic firm in Scotland to transfer the Box to your custody for safe keeping as my fiancee and trusted business partner.

Sir, if you successfully assist me to get a new home and start a new life in your country with a lucrative business, I will offer you 22% of the total money and l can assure you that this is a deal with facts and figures without any risk involve, I am in Pains here I need help and moral support.

I intend to start a good business such as Real Estate or by importing Medical equipments with the money, but if you have any other business that will be good in mind, which will give us more money,then you have to let me know as my partner.

If this deal is accepted by you then I will request you to send the following information to me so that I can start processing the documents for the release of the Box to you. then l will furnish you the necessary information with which you could contact the courier company as my partner because l have to introduce you to the company before they could attend to you.

(1) A Scan copy of your international passport /Driving license or National identity card.
(2) Your current Address or location where you want the consignment to be deliver.
(3) Your place of work (Name of the company)
(4) Your profession./post
(5) Your private and confidential personal Mobile number.

With this information I will be able to send to you the legitimate documents that will rightfully mandate you to contact the firm Head Office in the United Kingdom on my behalf as my partner/fiancee for the collection of the trunk Box .

Once this consignment is delivered, you are to remove 22% of the total value to yourself as your benefit and Your part of this deal is to ensure that you assist me to receive this package in your name to yourself . I will play my part by making sure that you receive this money in good condition of which will be 100% risk free.

If you are competent to provide honesty and trust, kindly provide me with your details on how to reach you. I look forward to your reply and anticipated Co-operation.

NOTE: This deal MUST be kept as a top secret and very confidential and you do not disclose this to anybody no matter how close is the person to you for the safety of the transaction and me and my little daughter and the money so that the security dictators of my country Syria do not trace and kill me as they killed my dear husband...I wait for your usual mutual response.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Yaser Aalimah Mohammed.


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Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 10:45:06 +0200
From: Yaser Aalimah Mohammed <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: From spiritualdating

Dear "xxxxxx",

l really appreciate your gesture and moral integrity towards helping us out of this situation, l just read your message now and l discovered that a very important omission as in A Scan copy of your international passport /Driving license or National identity card. is required and l was told by the vault company that its very crucial for them to know whom they are dealing with because the company"s representative will meet you in person for the delivery. l will like to read from you as soon as receive this message please, thanks very much for your support and my regards to your family.

Best Regards,
Mrs Yaser Mohammed
Syrian Refugee Camp. Turkey.

#396908 by malu53 Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:23 pm
Yaser Mohammed on hotdating.co.za
Age: 32
South Africa, Cape Town
I'm: Female
Looking for: Male
Partner age from: 35
Partner age to: 80
First name: Yaser
Last name: Mohammed
Birth date: 12 August 1987
South Africa, Cape Town


Hi dear,My name is Yaser Aalimah Mohammed 31yrs old,a Syria Nationality..Can we be friend as l needed someone very responsible & matured minded from ur location for a private discussion of a top secret,if you wouldn't mind to drop me your contact email to keep in touch..if we get along fine l will be speaking with you regularly on phone & even video call too to give u the confidence needed..(yasermohammed1982 at gmail.com)thanks very much, May Ya Allah bless u & ur family.
#396916 by malu53 Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:39 am
same pic on romlove
39 years old woman
My name: ghazal
I'm from: City of: london
#396917 by malu53 Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:42 am
Nome :rhodesw
Idade :41
Nacionalidade :Egypt
Qualidade :Married happiness
DOB: 8 Agosto 1978
#396918 by malu53 Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:45 am
I am: Woman
Seeking a: Man
Age: 39
Country: Syria
State: Alabama
City: damascus

In my own words:
im here to make friends, meet people who are loving and fun to be with,also i would like to meet people from any raise irrespective of their color,skin or tribe.im a very down to earth person

Headline: live and let live
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Living Situation: With kids
Languages: Arabic, English
Marital Status: Widowed
Have Kids: Yes - at home full-time
Want (more) kids: Yes
Education: Some College
Employment Status: Self-employed
Occupation: Other
Income: $35,000 to $49,999
Religion: Islam
Attend Services: Weekly
Interests: Playing Sports, Playing Music, Cooking, Travel, Watching Sports
#396921 by malu53 Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:01 am


Headline: love is all that matters

My ideal partner:
I like to hang out with people who are nice, friendly, fun to be with and does not brag of anything. I also like to converse with people intellectually. I appreciate those who are sensible to talk with. Having a great sense of humor really counts!

I am: Woman
Seeking a: Man
Age: 39
Country: United States
State: Michigan
City: michigan
Zip code: 48618
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Marital Status: Single / Never married
Looking for: Marriage

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