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214 Broadway, New York,
NY 10038, United States.
Unclaimed Asset/Assets Re-united,
USA International Remittance Department
Tell: +1 (646) 349-2604
Fax: +1 (646) 805-9453
Our Ref: JPMCB/CTB/8X93/79.
Reply to this email: [email protected]



In fight against corruption in the Banking system and in pursuit to re-build a good relationship with foreigners by the President of the United States of America.

We wish to inform you that every files and reports concerning international payment of all the foreign beneficiaries was brought to my office in the Order and instruction of the U.S Department of States and U.S Department of Treasury.

I must confess that i shared tears after seeing your unclaimed and uncompleted transactions, It was a national slap and a disgrace to this Country after noticing that your have paid for all the fee to receive your fund but your funds never got to your bank account because of the selfish interest of the banks and Individuals mandated to transfer and release your fund to your bank account.

The U.S Department of States and U.S Department of Treasury has approved a compensation payment of US$4,500,000.00 in your name which shall be transfer to your bank account through an online, We will create an online bank in your name and you will transfer your fund by yourself through our online to your bank account.

We chose to transfer your fund through an online banking so that no Agency will notice or stop your fund. Sir, you shall receive this compensation fund within 3 working day, if you comply with our instructions and adhere to our directives.

Get back to us with your information as listed below.

Your Full Name:
Phone number:
Age and Occupation:
Next of Kin:
Scan Copy of your identification

Thank you for your mutual understanding and cooperation as we wait to read from you soonest

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. David Nolet
Foreign Remittance Department

Questions about scams? fraudatiocruor @ gmail.com to contact remove spaces

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