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#382845 by Troy Platt Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:09 am
Reply-To: [email protected]
From: AGENT DAVID COOPER <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2019 03:26:36 -0700
Subject: Your Urgent Attention Needed.

Phone: (210) 904-1934

Your Urgent Attention Needed.

I write to inform you that i arrived in Texas yesterday with Your
inheritance claim parcel,containing your confirmed International Bank
Draft of USD$3,200,000 and the fund claim certificates,The customs
stopped me in airport Houston, Texas,for not having airport clearance
certificate and the Custom General officer said i should return back
to my country and get the Certificate if i did not came with the
airport clearance certificate,the proforma invoice, and the insurance
papers are okay and acceptable. The Central Bank which is the paying
bank and sender of your package has insisted that the airport
clearance certificate should be secured by owner of package. This Huge
check of this amount for dispatch out of the country without the
airport clearance certificate is illegal.

And the head of the customs agency has approved that the subjected sum
will be released and allowed to be sent to you, only that legitimate
means of dispatching packages must please constantly be followed. All
you need to do therefore, is to contact our Director in Nigeria and
send the money to get your airport clearance certificate papers for
the parcel and send to me so it can be released me and dispatched your
parcel to you. Director Contact Email/ [email protected]
/ Director DR. Marcel Alain De Souza, call (210) 904-1934 .

Agent David Cooper,
I am at 5340 Weslayan Street, Houston, Texas, 77005-1048. ,
usa texas.(210) 904-1934

Google is your friend!

Every email I've posted is a scam. Contacting the email addresses associated with my posts may lead to a loss of money for you. Do not let the scammers know they are posted here!

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