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#384039 by Troy Platt Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:05 am
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From: HARRY PATRON GROUP <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 02:30:43 -0500

I am Prince Harry the crown prince of Sussex. I was born on the 15th September, 1984 and am the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury at Windsor Castle on 21st December 1984.
My online agents has being working so hard compiling e-mail list of those who love me and what I do and your e-mail was selected thus, I decided to write you. I would like to choose my patron all over the world who will help me look after the charity homes because I am not a free man to handle the day-to-day activities of the many charities I am involved in.
I want to choose 10 lucky persons as Ambassadors whom I'll be taking along with me for charity assignments. These 10 lucky people will be patron to the charities and less privileged foundations I found all around the world. My foundation raised over $2million for the British Red Cross Lesotho fund through a documentary I featured called THE FORGOTTEN KINGDOM. I am a man of good heart, good will, honesty and I love to work for humanity.
Are fortunate to be blessed? What do you do with these blessings? Do you believe in humanitarian work? How do you affect the lives of those at the bottom going through hard times? If indeed you are blessed and love to build for humanity, then join my cause and donate.
One of the charity homes called me recently asking for my help in building them a school. I will like to ask you to join hands with me by donating to this charity and build them a befitting home well enough for children to be raised.
Here is the e-mail ( [email protected] ) of the Charity Director. Contact the Director and ask her on how you could donate to the growth of the Charity home. Please make sure to tell her that you were sent by me to support them so the kids could have a better life. Make sure you contact them today and get back to me so I can add your name as one of my Ambassadors who will be one of the patrons my charity.
A handsome financial donation will be rewarded with an invitation to share in a royal banquet with me and other project financiers, business and political leaders on the day of the project commissioning.
Prince Harry Charles
Duke of Sussex

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Every email I've posted is a scam. Contacting the email addresses associated with my posts may lead to a loss of money for you. Do not let the scammers know they are posted here!

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Using the same [email protected] reply-to email address.

from: Amado Baltazar - [email protected]
reply-to: [email protected]


I am Amado Baltazar. I immigrated to the US 2years ago from the Philippines. I work with the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport storage facility in Georgia as a junior staff. During my routine check, I discovered an abandoned trunk box left by a delivery agent traveling from Mexico but the agent left the box after his diplomatic immunity expired due to some questions and delays of the delivery. The package was brought here in the storage facility and has since been abandoned by the agent.

On further scrutiny, I found that the consignments was declared as personal effect and classified documents while in actual fact contains raw cash of US currency notes in $100 denominations carefully packed and stashed in a trunk box approximately $1.1m in cash. This was revealed by the electronic scan done on the package. The box contains money supposedly from the Mexican drug cartel but was abandoned by the diplomatic agent during questioning.

I need you to accept the package for delivery to your address and your financial support to move the package. As an insider, I will ensure to perfect the paper work for the release of the package to your address and this will be done to protect your interest. All I need from you is to accept to receive the package by providing required details and when it is received, we will share it 50/50. Please send details required below:

Your full name:
Package receiving address:
Mobile number:
Any valuable ID:

I am doing it to be able to raise money for care of my sick adoptive mother who was diagnosed of stage 3 acute lymphocytic leukemia in the Philippines. I have been the one taking care of her medical bills but I have since ran out of money and she needs money for her care. Meanwhile, it is clear as I have observed that the owner will not come for the box since it is suspected to be money from the Mexican drug cartel.

The requested information will be used to process the release of the package and a different delivery agent will be paid to pick up the item for delivery to your designated address. When the package is received, please promise me that you will make sure that you will comply with the 50/50 sharing split.

I look forward to your reply as soon as you receive this e-mail.
Amado Baltazar


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