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#384179 by AlanJones Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:31 am
From: office file - [email protected]
Reply-to: [email protected]
Subject: Attention Sir/Madam,
Tel. Nos.: +2348081798543 & +234814090034

Tennessee Global Security Company
International And Regional Director
Public Communication Parkway Agency
Shipping Foreign Headquarters
P.O. Box 160 Adelemu Str Lagos Nigeria
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tel:+2348081798543 Or +234814090034

Attention Sir/Madam,
I am Mr. Collins John-Paul, I am a new manager who took over
from the past manager. I am bringing to your notice that a
Package which contained ATM Master Card was Registered here
though it has been a long time now the Card was Registered
with your name and particulars with out mailing it to you.

I asked some questions why the Card has never mail to you
but the am not satisfied with the answer been giving to me by
the manager I met in the Officer before he was sacked off from
this Office.

Remember I resumed work just Wednesday this week but I saw this
while studding and cross checking the Documents and Shipping List,
I was very surprised to receive a call from one man which I shall
send his International Passport while writing to you again.

This person said you got Accident and you were taking to the Hospital
for a treatment, he even said he is your brother that you instructed
him to call us and request to mail your Card to him because you have
instructed him to claim your fund.

Please tell us the simple truth, did you sent anybody to claim your
Card from this Office? I will attach this man's International Passport
and send to you in my next message to you meanwhile I required to know
if actually you sent him or not?

We have only 72hours to finalize this once and for all, the man calls us
on daily bases, this evening, he even call us and said you are dead in
the Hospital where are been treating for the Car accident you had last
weeks but has authorized him to claim your fund in the Card on our care.
So we need to know if you really instructed any one to claim your fund on
our care???

Thanks for your time,

I am Mr. C. JohnPaul Mark,

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