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From: prince benson - [email protected]
Subject: Good news from Prince Benson
Tel. No.: +233502965137

Good day-

My name is Prince Benson, I am the united nation nominated president of the seven refugee committee members Ghana.

We the seven refugee committee members ,are presently living at Bujumbura refugee camp,Kasoa Accra Ghana

After series of complain ,sent to the office of the retired UN secretary general , who happen to be a citizen of this great country Ghana- LATE Honorable Kofi Annan,who suddenly Died on this date of 18/8/2018, about the unfaithful diplomats, director of security companies ,unfaithful bank directors and some unprofessional lawyers, handling the transfer of our consignments to our beneficiaries without success, in fact must of this people are not honest while discharging their official duties.

The retired former UN secretary General –LATE Honorable Kofi Annan,before his untimely death , has specially appointed me to register all consignments and the names of diplomats and bankers ,who fail to deliver.

We actually compiled the names and sent to the Late retired UN secretary general’s office and all the consignments register has been retrieved back from the various banks and delivery companies, where they have been stocked for one reason or the other.

Please for your information, if you have any consignments under any diplomat or some people who always claims to be general in the Army ,in any security company or banks, Air port or whoever they may claim to be, please be CAREFUL as you may end up spending money without receiving nothing.

NOTE-There is a strong regulation law in place here in Africa, since this new year 2019, which does not permit any funds transfer or delivery from this African soil, without United Nations international funds transfer access card.

Above all, I have unanimously agreed with my fellow seven refugee committee members here, to nominate and make you our beneficiary, who will receive and invest all our whole funds.

In fact this discussion was taken after our whole consignments was retrieved back, under the command and instruction of the retired former UN secretary general –Late Hon. kofi Annan.

Our retrieved funds were duly scrutinized and the clean clear useable and spendable cash was separated, from the black and colored ones, that need some chemical for cleansing.

Right now the total cash money retrieved from the unfaithful banks and delivery companies, is $485,619,582.21 million dollars -(Four Hundred and Eighty Five million six hundred and nineteen thousand five hundred and eight two twenty one cent), belongs to us the seven refugee committee members .

The said $485,619,582.21, has been retrieved and presently deposited at Barclays bank plc of Ghana, Accra high street branch escrow account, set and ready for international transfer to your nominated account.

As a matter of fact , the United Nations international funds transfer Access Card ,will mandate and authorize you to receive our whole fund at your destination nominated bank account ,which means our whole funds will successfully be transferred to your bank account , without any complication, interference or problem.

For your personal safety and to reduce unnecessary expenses, please stop sending your money to any diplomat, attorney, security company director or bank manager, who is not officially recognized, approved or appointed under this new era of 2018.

I have a lot to discuss with you ,kindly reply this urgent message as soon as you receive it,

kindly include in your reply, your private telephone number, to reach and speak with you person to person , for easy communication and more information’s ,

You are urgently required by Barclays bank management ,to send your Bank account information’s ,were you want to receive all our whole funds

You are also required to scan us either your passport or driving license, to enable our UN appointed international financial lawyer, forward and secure your UN transfer access card on your name ,as our foreign beneficiary ,because the UN funds transfer access card ,will be used for the opening of the non residence dollar account on your name, to enable the bank move all our whole funds from the escrow dormant account, into the new non residence dollar account, then the bank will instrumentally transfer all our funds to your nominated bank account.

As soon as we receive your response with the required information’s , then our international financial lawyer-( Barrister William Moon ),will forward your contact information’s to Barclays bank plc management , to enable the Barclays bank executive general manager-( Mr Zuma Jethro ) , contact you officially on our behalf and scan you the non residence dollar account opening application forms to fill.

Hope to hear from you soonest and God bless.


Prince Benson
Ghana refugee committee members, UN president elect .

Mobile Number.....00233502965137

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