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3.1 MONEY_FRAUD_8 Lots of money and very many fraud phrases
1.2 ADVANCE_FEE_5_NEW_MONEY Advance Fee fraud and lots of money
X-Spam-Flag: YES
Subject: ***SPAM*** Read Carefully...

From Mr. Ebenezer N. Onyeagwu


Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc.

Tel: +234-813-638-2091



My name is Mr. Ebenezer N. Onyeagwu the new GROUP MANAGING DIRECTOR / CEO Zenith
Bank of Nigeria. I am writing to congratulate and inform you that both of us has
been favored by the new elected Federal Republic of Nigeria President Muhammadu
Buhari by appointing me as the new director of the Central Bank of Nigeria and
instructing my office to review your payment file and pay your overdue
contract/inheritance payment sum of Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States
Dollars only ($10,500,000.00) as my first assignment to this office, during my paper
work review in my office this morning, I discovered from our office payment file
that you have not received your long expected payment of $10.5Million and you have
spent so much money trying to receive your money all to no avail and you have gone
through all process to receive your payment through bank to bank wire transfer, ATM
card, International certified bank draft and cash payment diplomatic all to no avail
and this has ca
use you much money and ti

My dear friend the truth of the matter is, there is no amount of money you will
spend or pay to anyone in the process of receiving your payment that will make you
receive this payment without following the due bank payment transfer process, if not
you will keep spending your hard earn money bribing officials of the bank or
individuals without success, because Federal Government of Nigeria do not permit any
back door payment.

Now that I have been appointed as the new director in charge of foreign payment with
the central bank of Nigeria and have been instructed and empower by the new elected
President Muhammadu Buhari, I will like to ask you this question before we proceed
and as soon as I hear from you I will let you know the reason why you have not
received your payment and what you should do to receive your payment through the
right bank payment transfer payment process.

My question is this: Are you still interested and ready to receive your fund? I wait
to hear from you and will disclose the reason why you have not receive your payment
and what you should do to receive your payment.

Finally, I will advice you as the current director in charge of all foreign payment
to stop any further communication with whomsoever you are in contact with regarding
to this payment either local or international to avoid diversion of payment, now
that I have step into your payment file for final remittance to you and also stop
wasting your hard earn money to individuals hence the problem is not all about

Call me as you receive this message.

God bless you.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Ebenezer N. Onyeagwu


Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc.

Tel: +234-813-638-2091

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