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#391920 by Troy Platt Sat Jul 20, 2019 9:41 am
From: "Christopher A. Wray" <[email protected]>
Reply-To: [email protected]
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2019 20:38:31 +0800

WEBSITE: http://www.IC3.gov/


We the Federal Bureau of Investigations Internet Crime Complaint Center
(IC3) in conjunction with some other relevant security Agencies here in
the United States of America have recently been informed through our
Global intelligence monitoring network that you presently won on the
online FaceBook Promo which is still available.

It might interest you to know that we have taken our time in screening
through this winning promo notification as stipulated on our protocol of
operation, and have finally confirmed that your winning is 100% genuine
and legal with due process of law, and it is as well free from all illegal
activities, which you have the lawful right to claim your winning without
any further delay. Having said all this, we will further advise, that you
should change your Facebook email account password before you go ahead in
dealing with the Facebook clearing agent office accordingly as we will be
monitoring all their services accordingly with our intelligent monitoring
network device, and with
your cooperation.

Furthermore, we want to place this on your notice that we recently had a
meeting with the founder and CEO of Facebook Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, in
person Mr. Mark Zuckerberg along with some of the top officials of the
Ministry regarding your case and they made us to understand that your file
is pending until when you personally come for the claim. They also told us
that the only problem they are facing right now is that
some unscrupulous element are using this project as an avenue to scam
innocent people off their hard earned money by impersonating the name of
the Founder and CEO of Facebook.

We were also made to understand that the lady named Mrs. Viviana Bailey
from Los Angeles and another person also named as Mr. Machovelle whom
reside in South Carolina are still contacting the Facebook and also
presented to them all the necessary documentations evidencing your claims,
claiming to have been signed personally by you
prior to the release of your winning fund valued US$10,000,000.00 (Ten
Million United States Dollars), but the Facebook did the wise thing by
insisting on hearing from you personally before they go ahead on wiring
your winning fund to the Bank information which was forwarded to them by
the above mentioned names, the main reason, we the Federal Bureau of
Investigation were contacted by the Facebook Head Department, is to assist
them on making some investigation regards to this issue and also help them
search for your personal email so that they can contact you directly to
know if you authorized anyone to claim your funds for you.

Once again we will advise you to change your email account password right
away for security purpose so that you can feel safe contacting the
Facebook claim office for the release of your winning funds and do not
click on any link stated in any email that we do not authorized you to
contact in regards to any funds transaction because once you
click on this links, the hackers/impostors will have access to your email
account and also monitor your funds transaction.

The Facebook CEO further informed us that we should inform our citizens,
who must have been informed of the Facebook winning promo which was
awarded to them from the Facebook Head Department for being a partaker of
their world, to be very careful prior to these
irregularities so that they do not fall victim to scam. We the FBI are
instructing you personally, that if you were already dealing with
anybody/office claiming to be from the Facebook or any Bank, you are
further advised to STOP further contact with them in your best interest
and then forward their email to us for proper investigation, contact the
real office of the Facebook online promo department in charge of your
winning, only with the below information accordingly:

Claim Agency: Mr. James Gosnell
OFFICE ADDRESS: Facebook HeadQuarters, 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park,
California, 94025 United States.
Email: ([email protected])

The Facebook Head Office, informed us the FBI, that they are through with
the first (1st) quarter transfer to beneficiaries/winner, and that the CEO
Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, has instructed the remittance department to head to
the second (2nd) quarter transfer to beneficiaries/winners where your
payment file belongs to now, note that Mr. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of
Facebook Company instructed us to release all funds to the winners
immediately we confirm that we are dealing with the right

Your award is attached to a Lucky Number (FB-225-7736), Ticket Number (FB-
172-60), Batch Number (FB-0281/544) and Serial Number (99352748-2018),
Note them down now on a safe place and keep it very important, once again
any e-mail you receive henceforth that we do not authorized you to
contact, should be disregarded immediately and
forwarded to us for immediate investigation. Any e-mail that you receive
stating another Bank and amount should be disregarded and forwarded to us
immediately. This will help us fight against Fraudsters.

Meanwhile, we will advise you to contact the Facebook claim office
immediately with the above email address which is stated here also
([email protected]) and request that they attend to your payment
file as directed so as to enable you claim your winning fund accordingly.
Ensure you follow all their procedure as required by them
in order to hasten Up the effective procedures, of transferring your funds
to you as designated by you. Also have in mind that the Facebook online
promo equally have their own protocol of operation as stipulated on their
Lottery realm, so any delay could be very dangerous.

Once again, we will advise you to change your email password and contact
the claim agency via email ([email protected]) with your ticket
number (FB-172-60) and make sure you forward to them all the necessary
information which might be required from you prior to the release of your
winning fund. All modality has already been worked out even before you
were contacted and note, that we will be monitoring all your dealings with
them as you proceed so you don't have anything to worry about. All we
require from you henceforth is an update so as to enable us be on track
with you and the Facebook. Without wasting much time, we want you to
contact them immediately
with the above email address so as to enable them attend to your case
accordingly without any further delay as time is already running out.

Should in case you need any more information in regards to this
notification, feel free to get back to us so in order to brief you more,
because we are here to guide you and serve you better during and after
this winning fund has been completely perfected. Thanks, for your
anticipated cooperation in advance as we earnestly await your
urgent response to this matter.

Best Regards,
Christopher Wray
Executive Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington , D.C.
20535-0001, USA.

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