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#392020 by Troy Platt Sun Jul 21, 2019 3:40 pm
From: chudi malik <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2019 11:57:10 -0700
Subject: treat as very urgent please

Good Day Sir,

This is Chudi Malik and his mother ( Marriam) from the Republic of Southern Sudan, we just arrive the Ghana boarder with a small trunk box containing $6.5million , my father was a manager to an Oil company in my country before he was killed by rebel soldiers and my mother is a renown caterer who works with one of the big manufacturing industry in my country as the chief caterer , we told the official that the box contains our personal effects.

Sir i got your contact from a lady Missionary who came to my country to preach on a crusade which was held by my church, the man told us that you are a good and reliable person and you are also a trustworthy person with influence.not just that he told us that you can help us manage my late father's funds as my beneficiary in oversea.

Yesterday at about 8.30pm when we arrived the Ghana boarder entry Ghana there i and my mother was held by some group of men who were on guard at the Exit of the boarder with my box as we were crossing to Accra that we should pay for the boarder charge before they will allow us cross with the box.

with our intention we had in mind that when we get to Accra we will look for a suitable hotel to lodge first so that from there we will open the box to get some cash to send to you for you to come and take me and my mother to your country to start investing the funds and i will be going to school and my mother will start her catering business.

As we were standing so helpless and confuse there one of the guards told us that we should not worry that he will get in touch with their Chief Commander to hear what he will say but we will have to pass the night here at the boarder, so it was this morning when the Chief Commander came to the office he met me and my mother and he gave us some interview by asking our name, country , age and educational and family background.

Please sir i want you to get in touch with the Chief Custom Commander now his name is Chief Custom Commander Patrick Williams on this email : [email protected] telling him that you are my foreign beneficiary which i am coming to Accra Ghana to deliver the trunk box to you in your country.

get in touch with him now and get back to me.

Thanks and God Bless you.

Chudi Malik. treat as very urgent please

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