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I warm-heartedly make this contact with you on a positive note Anticipating your kind consideration and co-operation,and plead for your time and understanding in this.
Firstly, my name is Mrs Janet Kwame, I am the wife of late Phillip Kwame.My late husband Phillip Kwame who was a very successful business tycoon based here in Ghana was a Gold Minner and also the chairman Executive Kwame Holdinds and a host of other companies died last month at the age of 56 years after a brief illness at Kolebu Teaching Hospital here in Ghana.

In our world today,such a manner of approach may not be acceptable or very suspicious, as we do not know each other and have not had any sort of communication in the past, but I urge you to take my email very seriously, considering the situation.

Could you believe that the tradition and customs of the town and village where my late husband came from demands that any woman who does not have a male child for the husband, that when ever the husband dies, all the properties belonging to the late husband including cash will be shared among the late husband brothers and the woman will be sent out of her husband house for good.

My dear, this is exactly what I am going through right now since last month my husband died. My late husband brothers has taken all the properties belonging to my late husband including companies, bank accounts and as well sent me and my little daughters out of my husband house just because I do not have a male child for my late husband.

This is a wicked tradition and culture that has no moral value.
As am talking to you now, I and my two daughters are going through hell at the moment. Right now, I am having in my position all the vital documents relating to the sum of $7.5 million dollars and 30kgs of Gold Bar which my late husband deposited with a Storage company in Ghana as a family treasure with my name as the next of kin before his death.

Last week I contacted the manager of the Storage company and I was told that the consignment is very much intact,that I can as well come for it any time I feel like.

Please remember that I cannot make use of this fund and this Gold in Ghana due to forces surrounding me at the moment, I am regarded as a treat to my husband brother and they have threatened to kill me and because of this i am now in my mothers village with my two daughters.

Please have mercy at the poor widow like me and help me out of this mess.

All I want you to do for me is to assist me to claim and transfer this fund and this Gold to your country immediately before my late husband brothers will have knowledge of it and claim it just like the way they did to others.

I strongly believe that the only way I can secure this money and this gold for myself is to act fast now and transfer this money and this Gold to your country,that is the main reason why I am contacting you for your assistance.

Please note that, as soon as this fund and this Gold is transferred to your country,you will stand the chance to have 30% percent of the total fund while 70% percent will remain for me so that I can be able to take care of my two kids my late husband left behind for me. Remember that my children are the only happiness I have here on earth and I cannot stand to watch them go through such pains.

You will be greatly rewarded and be entitled to a percentage of the proceeds from the any investments for rendering me this most needed assistance.

I look forward to hearing from you immediately so that I can direct you what next to do for us to commence the Transaction.
Contact me through this Email: [email protected]


Mrs.Janet Kwame

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