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#400207 by AlanJones Thu Nov 14, 2019 3:09 am
From: EFGBANK - [email protected]
Reply-to: [email protected]
Subject: Online Account Opening Confirmation Transaction Alert [Credit: $5, 4 M..d]
Other Email: [email protected]
Tel. No.: +44744090390

I was appointed and instructed from jeff johnson to send you below massage read it and get back to jeff johnson department for your online informations,he operttaed for 24hours banking online is busy officer,

Efg bank have created your online account transfer free of no charge from you, plus your interests of $200,00
dollars and full payment of $5.2 md dollars has been credited into
your online Account Number: 914469414 the total amount now into
your online account is $5.4, million dollars which you will be
transfer into your local account bit by bit from $200,00 dl to
$1,million dollars per day, next day you carry on until your
complete your funds transfer,

Instruction have be serious given to my bank before all the logins
web page https://ebanking.efg.com open with all your user name and
password and transfer reflection code to local account free of no
charge from you the transfer code, before all releasing to you
the instructions from above said you must legalize the imf document
from court which the barrister in usa will help you legalize the
paper and the final sign of the officer of imf which the lawyer will
do on your barf, last month ago i scan the copy to you to fill up
and scan back for legalize fee of $300 dollars since time you did
no showing any serious to do it, now we have open online account
for you in your name and free atm card attache to it free of no
charge from you the atm card will use in any bank world wild to
withdraw your funds both in your bank, anywhere you travel you use
the card per day withdraw is $5,000 dl to $20,000 dollars per day,
or you transfer from your online to your local account choices is
yours, if you are to have all your online information's user name
and passwords reflection pin code, be serious to legalize the
document because date have given from authority for you to have it
done and have all your information's to access your online funds
account, they came here last Friday i told them i have inform
you be serious now get the document complete, the document i did
help you take care of the procure with my last money here which my
bank is against and i can not break the law for legalize it for you,
the document i porcure i did it secret to help you i know you will
not forget me, so acts faster now get it done, before release of
your online information's, see below your online opening
information's, Free atm card to you and yo can anywhere,

the amount into your account is $5.4 dollars plus interests.
the money in bulk room online telex.

Online Account Opening Confirmation Transaction Alert [Credit: $5, 4 M..d]
Account User name: ****** coded
Account No 914469414
Account Type Online Transfer

User name: ****** coded
Password ******coded
How to login into your account

Bank Name: EFG Private Bank Limited
Bank Address: Leconfield House Curzon Street London, W1J 5JB
United Kingdom.
Account Name: ******coded
Account Nunmber: 914469414
Sort Code: 237000
Account Type: Online Account Transfer. Attache and loaded with Atm Card.

Funds Code: BYLINE/US001102018/IL60610
for payment release. the attache atm card you use it to your local bank
and any atm card machine bank to start withdrawing your funds world wild,

Enjoying banking with us at your convenience, at home, in your office, on
your way.

Good Luck Enjoy your funds ,



Jeff Johnson
Accountant Officer. I.R.
EFGB Private Limited
Leconfield House
Curzon Street
London, W1J 5JB
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 744 090 390
Email on Maintenance sever [email protected]

============================ IMPORTANT NOTICE
All detail herein included in this electronic mail is strictly for private
purpose and confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, we
admonish you to contact our support team immediately on and all details
herein should NOT be kept, printed or saved by any unauthorized party.
Alpha Bank Group retains the right to all

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