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#403196 by Troy Platt Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:32 am
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2020 12:03:31 +0000 (UTC)
From: kabiru ahmed <[email protected]>



Dear Sir,

I am KABIRU AHMED ,works with NNPC and i was instructed by the Hon Minister of Finance to find out before the end of this month, Why your contract/ claim of your part payment of $8.9 Million fund have not been credited to your account.

However their are two men who came from your country to claim this fund on your behalf and the reason given to us that you are the one sent them that you are terminal sick they provide account of Union Bank of Switzerland for the payment to be made .

Kindly reconfirm your banking particulars to us to know if you are the one that sent them, kindly send in your telephone,fax numbers,together with your bank particulars and your full name for us to check with the one in our file.

Yours faithfully,

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#404303 by FishyMails Wed Feb 05, 2020 7:35 pm
From: kabiru ahmed [email protected]
Date: 2020-02-05 09:49:04+00:00

Dear esteemed beneficially ,

Please, if you don’t take any message from Nigeria very serious before
now in regards to your overdue payment claims, I am advising you to
take this very information very serious otherwise other People will
take advantage they have with some bad element in the CBN, by taking
over your contract/inheritance payment that you have been trying to
get for some years now.Meanwhile, based on the security report before my office as Investigation officer Anti-fraud unit attached with the Foreign
Exchange Allocation Board of the CBN, Since last week and today some
people have cleared all your debt owed to the Federal Government Of
Nigeria In respect to your contract/inheritance payment still pending,
your nominated old bank account has been changed to another account
In one of the middle east country, and what it means is that you no
longer stand as the beneficiary to your Payment you have been
struggling to receive for some year now based on my finding.

Having said that , they have made a lot of changes in your payment
documents, as it further backed-up their claim with a high court
affidavit from the documents I saw today and during my findings also
they have already cleared the entire financial obligation required
from you by the Nigerian Government, as they have paid for all the
fees that have been preventing you from been paid, as I know that
some bad officers here In Nigeria with their foreign counterpart
planned this against you just to frustrate you and made you to
believe that you can never get paid again so that you will abandon
your payment for them.

Furthermore, the Foreign Debt Management and payment office had
already been Instructed to transfer your fund to the New Bank
Account, once they get the final approval from the Foreign Exchange
Allocation Board from where I get all this information, which they
might get any time from now and once they get the approval your
payment will be transfers to the new bank account in the middle East.
Now, based on this information I give you today you can still stop
them from taking over your payment if you are smart enough to do so,
even after they have paid the charges that has been preventing you to
get your payment since and if you succeed In stopping them now It
means they have cleared your debt for you and in other to stop them
from taking over your payment, I advise you to urgently contact
with your payment file and remind me that you have reported the
matter to Interpol, and with that the funds will be stopped from
going to the middle East and it will be send to your own bank account,
so kindly contact now N.B: I assure you that the entire bad element that is involved in this even act against you must not go on punished and we are not bound to disclose our Identity as this is Security matters, Do Not Be Misled, Act as Directed .

Yours Faithfully,
Mr.Kabiru Ahmed .
Investigation officer Anti-fraud unit

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