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Reply-to: [email protected]
From: julie garza <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2020 00:14:24 -0700
Subject: hello

Dear/friend there is somthing I want to discuss with you right now
Email;( [email protected] )Mrs.Julie Garza ITSVERY URGEN

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From: "Julie Garza" <[email protected]>
Date: 2020-03-26 5:06:24 AM +05:30
Subject: Hi Dear, Good Day from South Korea

Hi Dear, Good Day from South Korea

Thank you for contacting me so soon. I hope this message reach you in peace and love too. I am very grateful to you for the interest shown in my plight and I want to assure you that you will be gratefully rewarded for your help.
Regarding the message you got through my legal personnel, please be informed that i paid an advertising company to help me send the proposal (email) through my Legal Personnel ( Mrs.Julie Garza ) to about 10 emails who may be interested and capable to help me carry out this operation without betraying my trust. Presently I have received 3 response so far in my Inbox of people who are interested. But after much consideration and because I needed a mature and experience person who can handle investment worth of 10 Million Dollars, so I decided to select you as the right person.

Though this mail might come to you as a surprise and the temptation to ignore it seriously could come into your mind. Please consider it a divine wish and accept it with a deep sense of humility, I seek your indulgence to solicit for your assistance concerning the content of my email because I know in my heart you can be trusted.

INTRODUCTION: I am Mrs. Park Geun-Ryeong the younger sister to (Ms.Park Geun Hye) who was the former South Korea President. I am presently writing you from Seoul, South Korea; since my elder sister was sentence to 24 years imprisonment I have been emotionally devastated ever since this happened. I and my younger brother (Mr.Park Ji-man) have been under strict restrictions in transferring and receiving money in South Korea. So I am currently seeking your assistance in relocating the sum of $10,788,000.00 USD (Ten Million Sven Hundred and Eighty Eight US Dollars) from my foreign Bank account in Denmark to your Country so that the money can be used for investment there in your Country and you will be the Managing Director. As it may take some time for me to be able to travel. That is the main reasons I needed someone whom I can trust in your country because of my present condition and restrictions here in South Korea especially as I have been hurt so many times and betrayed by our lawyer and family friends. So for this reason it's hard to trust people here in South Korea.

Please if you don't mind, i will like to know more about you because we are 2 different people who have never seen or meet each other before.

I am trusting you with the sum of $10,788,000.00 USD (Ten Million Sven Hundred and Eighty Eight US Dollars) which will be transferred to you from my Bank Account outside my country. I am willing to give you 20% of the Investment and the investment have to be in your name for security reasons and the agreement is that i will own 80% of the Investment and 20% for you because of your assistance and your name that will be used. I will want you to indicate your interest to enable me provide you more detail on how the transaction will be completed.

All I need is your absolute trust, commitment, honesty and confidentiality. Because the said funds belong to my Elder sister (Ms.Park Geun Hye) who was convicted for 24years in jail but was deposited in Denmark Bank in my name. I advice you to kindly keep all our discussion and the transaction secret and confidential to ensure safe Transfer of funds from Denmark to your country. I assure you that you will never face any trouble in this transaction because the Bank manager is aware of the deal because he was the one who advised me to relocate the fund to place like your country with another person's name where it cannot be trace for security reason and he is ready to cooperate with us to make sure the money is transferred successfully to your country.

If you have time, you can read the Channel news & BBC NEWS on the link below for further information on how my sister was sentence to 24years imprisonment:


https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/as ... r-10109782

Please if you are interested and agree with the share of 80% / 20%, kindly reply immediately so that i can share more details with you.


Ms. Park Geun-ryeong

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From: "Julie Garza" <[email protected]>
Date: 2020-03-27 1:48:48 AM +05:30
Subject: Once again, Thank you very much for your kind and swift response

Once again, Thank you very much for your kind and swift response.

It was nice to hear from you again, I am glad I can gradually trust and confide in you and I will be very much enthusiastic in working with you after careful thoughts and consideration. You seem to be an understanding and matured reasonable person I can trust. Because I have passed through so much pains and sorrowful moment since i and my sister were first investigated and interrogated on 25th August 2016. All our local account has been put on hold till further notice and we are not allowed to make transfers or receive money transfer from other countries in our names.

Be Rest assured that there won't be any problem in transferring the said amount to you as the bank manager is willing to do all transaction in a legal and transparent manner. All you need to do is to follow instructions of the branch manager where the fund is deposited in Copenhagen, Denmark, as the Branch Manager has made me to understand earlier that the beneficiary will have to follow the terms and conditions of their bank by providing all relevant and valid documents that maybe required.

Please be informed that the money was deposited in Royal Bank of Scotland in Copenhagen, Denmark since February 2016. Initially, I made plans to move the interest to one of my relative's account but due to the fact that we were still under investigation, the funds were seized by the Republic bank of Korea because they discovered that the funds has to do with me. This was why the bank Manager of Royal Bank of Scotland in Copenhagen, Denmark advised that the best thing i can do is to move the funds to any other country other that my country or relatives.
All I need to do is to give you the contact details of the bank where the fund is deposited in Denmark so that you can contact them directly. The bank will give you all the guideline on how to complete the transfer from their Bank in Denmark to your local account in your country. Meanwhile, before we proceed I would love to know more about you and also please you can send me some of your photos if you don't mind.

Seriously I need someone who is willing to complete the process and start the investment plan on my behalf without much delay as i am not in a position to call or speak on Phone regularly because of my present condition and strict restrictions here which all my local and international calls are being monitor by the investigation authorities. I can only call you maybe once in a while from a secret line for security reason. That is to say my calls will not be regular and it is the major reason why I have search for a trust and reliable person like you to carry out the operations on my behalf. Please note that you will be communicating and dealing with the Bank directly till the money is transferred to your account in your country.
The contact details of the Bank and a Letter of Authority/Mandate that will give you the privileged to access and transfer the funds on my behalf will be send to you whenever you are ready to start the process. I will also email a copy of the authorization letter to my Bank on your behalf to notify them that you are my new Manager and also my Next of Kin who will be operating my account on my behalf. So that the transaction will be easy for you.

Please I want you to transfer the total sum of $10,788,000.00 USD (Ten Million Sven Hundred and Eighty Eight US Dollars) from my Bank in Denmark to your local account in your country and start the investment as planned until I am able to travel. I want the said fund to be invested in a profitable business there in your country with you as the Managing Director. Like I said in my previous email, I am still willing to give you 20% of the investment and 80% will be mine.


I will like to tell you more about myself. Like mentioned in my previous mail, I am Mrs. Park Geun-ryeong younger sister to (Park Geun Hye) former South Korea President, I was married to Shin Dong-wook in (2008), I have No child, I have 1 sister (Park Geun-hye) and 1 brother (Park Ji-man). I was Born on 30th, June 1954 into the family of late Gen. Park Chung-hee. Late Gen. Park Chung-hee was my father and he was a Politician, and the then South Korean Dictator who served as the President of South Korea from 1963 until his assassination in 1979, assuming that office after first ruling the country as head of a military junta installed by the May 16 coup in 1961. Before his presidency, he was the chairman of the Supreme Council for National Reconstruction from 1961 to 1963 after a career as a military leader in the South Korean Army.

Please note that I am left without an option that's why i am seeking a trustee using this means since I am under so much restriction in communication and movement because of further investigation that is still going on. Please I want you to be fast in facilitating the transfer of the said funds to your account in your country and let this issue be a very top secret between you and I. Once more I appreciate your concern with regards to my present situation and your willingness to help which shall be greatly appreciated and hope to be friends and someone I can trust for a life time.

I sincerely hope you are ready to work hard and fast with all sincerity without wasting my precious time as I have a very short time period to ensure that the fund is removed from my account in Denmark to a safer one without trace. Please affirm your readiness to proceed with this and assure me of your sincerity and trust once again.

Immediately I hear from you I will forward you details of the bank in Denmark and procedures on how the funds will be transferred to you in your country.


So I will be sending you contact details of RBS Bank where the money is deposited upon your response.

The following details will also be required to enable me prepare the Letter of Authority:



As soon as I get the above details, I will proceed with the preparation of the authority letter and the required document needed for the transfer.

Please also pray for my Sister who is now serving her jail terms.


May God reward you for your concern.


Ms. Park Geun-ryeong

Important: Any email messages I have posted here are scams. Don't reply to these messages or click on any links. Please do not tell these criminals that their messages are posted here.

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