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#407074 by Troy Platt Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:36 am
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From: "Mrs.Juliet Adamu." <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 10:35:15 +0100


I am Mrs. Juliet Adamu Ibe. I work in the information unit of the
Central fund information board, all unpaid contract/inheritance fund
claims are recorded through this office and your name has long
appeared in the record as one of the beneficiaries whose fund claim is
yet to be paid.

As I write this mail, your fund is somewhere in a fixed deposit
account yielding some huge interest for some top officials in CBN and
their cohorts in the ministry of finance. Although they do not have
the authority to take over completely your fund, the worst they can do
is what they have done, to pretend that they are working on the
release of your fund and in the process diverted it into a fixed
deposit account, which has been yielding huge interest for them.

I am aware of what people like you is going through trying to receive
your long over due fund,this is what prompted my contacting you. Each
time I go to bed my conscience pricks me telling me to expose the
truth to you, as a true Christian I have no alternative than to do
what my conscience tells me, knowing fully well that whenever you
receive your fund you won't forget me.I have made my mind to remain
steadfast on the way of truth and nothing can waver my faith against

I repeat am not asking you for money neither to compensate me but to
give you vital information on what is going on here in Nigeria concern
your payment. Right now The Federal Government of Nigeria has
suspended Central Bank (CBN) from handling foreign payment because of
corruption that going on in CBN. Henceforth the Senate Committee
Federal Government of Nigeria is the people that handling all foreign
payments in Nigeria and things is working fine, I would advise you
instead of you keep wasting time spending your money dealing with CBN
and other banks in Nigeria regarding your payment, kindly go straight
contact Senate Committee your payment will be paid.

I will tell you what to do when I receive your reply.

Mrs.Juliet Adamu.

[email protected]

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