Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#414575 by investigator Thu Jul 30, 2020 3:38 am
Zack Williams has a fictitious $57.3m for you.



Jul 20, 2020, 3:12 PM (10 days ago)

to me
Thank you so much for the urgent respond to my message, Sir at this point we don't have to waste any more time for I know how far you have suffered in the hands of this top officials and believe me this people will never tell you the truth until you get frustrated in pursuit of your fund.

I want you to consider something, all this while you have been spending your hard earned money to no avail and am taking this risk because is what taking and I will improve my life as a young man, this is what you are to do, first send me your banking information where you want this fund to be transferred, the reconfirmation of all this is because of security reasons to avoid any mistake because of the corrupt practices around the world, secondly your private direct telephone number.

Hence, I will need a hard disk drive MB 3000 Q DRIVE SERIE 1990 which I will use in storing your information and transfer your fund via swift to your account and destroy the diskette and the tracer code to avoid traces and you will confirm the arrival of the fund with your bank and call me immediately to confirm the receipt of the fund for me to sneak out of the bank and ran to a neighboring country called Cotonou in the Republic of Benin where you will send me some money so that I can join you over there for my share.

Note: stop further communication with this top official and maintain absolute secrecy until this fund hits your account in 24 banking hours, please do contact me via my email address for it so confidential and easier for communications, some of my co staff can interfere with my fax. My email address is: [email protected] Tel: + 226 7541 7896.

If you can not be able to buy the hard disk by your self , than you can Send me the sum $240,Dollar to buy this diskette first thing tomorrow morning with my name ZACK WILLIAMS via western union money transfer for you might buy a lower capacity diskette that will not work and it take the courier company one week to get them here. But if you can get the hard disk drive MB 3000 Q DRIVE SERIE 1990, no problem.

please send the money for this is my four month in the office and I have no money, am hitting my chest and my word for you is to give me 24 banking hours to make the transfer as soon I get this diskette, As soon you send this money for the diskette then I will transfer your fund to your account after 24 hours and send you a confirmation slip to confirm the transfer into your account with your bank but you can only withdraw any money from the fund after 24 banking hours.

Note: I can only transfer from the CB domiciliary account and please stay by your phone as soon
you send the money for the diskette for me to call you and send the slip of the transfer of your fund and wait for your confirmation from your bank so that I can immediately sneak out from the bank and run away to a nearby country called Cotonu in Republic of Benin.

Please do not disclose this action to anybody until we achieve our goal for I don’t want these top officials to know about this until I run away for they might arrest me and jail me or if you don't
believe me well you can continue spending your hard earned money on those thieves and by the time you will come back to me it will be too late for I know definitely you will come back to me after they have disappointed you.

Act fast for nothing is stable in Burkina Faso even my position is not stable and am ready to give up or jeopardize my position and the trust given to me for a greener pastures with you.
These top officials will not make any transfer so act fast with me or it will be too late when you will come back to me.
Waiting to hear from you soon.
Yours faithfully
Zack Williams

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