Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#414715 by Joseph Dillon Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:51 pm
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[email protected]

My Beloved Friend In The Lord,
> Am sorry for my late response to your email, l have red and understand
> your mail with the help of the nurse. I appreciate your responds and your
> concern towards my health. Am very happy that am trusting the money to you,
> just like you know that am currently in my sick bed please l want you to
> help me accomplish my last wish to the glory of God. l prayed and in my
> search the spirit of God directed me to you and told me that you are a
> trustworthy person who can help carry out my last wish to the glory of
> God.I shall be happier whether dead or live to see you help the less
> privilege with this money.
> I believe that the events of this world have its own way of bringing
> people together for good,I want you to act according to my wish so that
> the Almighty's will shall be done. I want this fund to be used in the way
> of Almighty.
> Even when my late husband was alive, he use to donate money, food items,
> cloths and other things to many charity organization all over the world he
> also transfer hug amount of money to many charity organization to many
> parts of the world and that is why he instructed me before he died that l
> should use the money to donate to any charity organization of my choice or
> better look for a trust wordy person that will use the money to help the
> poor, needy and the less privileged so that the word of God will be
> fulfilled and his soul shall rest in the peace of God
> The total sum of the funds to be transferred to you is USD$17.500,000.00
> in which 20% will be yours and 80% will be for the less privileged and the
> homeless people in the society.
> I want you to know that I have given my full trust to you and your family.
> so please do not disappoint me. As you know that I am presently in the
> hospital on admission and my doctor says my condition is critical and that
> I have limited time to live, all I wish for now is to do something the lord
> will appreciate before I leave this earth of which I will like you to be a
> partaker so please pray for me and act according to my instructions so that
> even if I should die tomorrow, I will die a happy person,so please be by my
> side.
> Meanwhile, l will like you to send some of your information like YOUR FULL
> OCCUPATION, AGE, RELIGION to enable me write out an Authorization Letter
> to the bank and instruct them to transfer the money to your bank account so
> that you will receive the money on my behalf. l will also forward to you
> the Authorization Letter as a prove to you.
> Please don't forget to always put me in your prayers and less I forget I
> write you by the help of a Nurse.
> Regards and remain bless,
> Yours Sister in pain.
> Elizabeth Schruder

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