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#422253 by Troy Platt Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:25 am
From: Joel Charles Sweren <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2021 10:53:50 -0800

Compliment of the season Dear Sir/ Madam, I Hope You Are Keeping Well &
Safe From This Terrible Coronavirus,I am Mr. Joel C. Sweren, I bring
you good news from Freedom Bank may wood New Jersey as the only State
whose motto is liberty and prosperity.

My personal introduction, before coming to Freedom Bank as the current
Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer, I, Joel C. Sweren, CPA, served
as President of Golden First Bank and Maryland Permanent Bank and
Chief Operations Officer of Bank of Baltimore.

Currently I am accountable for maintaining Freedom Bank's financial
records,ensuring compliance, managing the daily operations, and
supervising Bank security and building good relationships with our
clients. I am a member of the AICPA and served as a director for Good
Samaritan Hospital.

In this season of the year 2020 and condition of the things today in
the world, it is your time to celebrate, on behalf of Mr Matthew
R.Carcich Chief Executive Officer/President -Freedom Bank May-wood,
NJ, and entire management, it is my duty to guide you on the true key
to qualify for our ongoing opportunity for freedom over your extensive
struggle to claim your abandoned UN family compensation fund.

First and wise step to take and qualify for your settlement, you don’t
have to continue looking for money to pay off the huge charge before
you can claim your fund, but this is what you should do right now to
back up your self in this present condition.

1. go to any nearby gift card stores and purchase a gift cards such as
(iTunes Card, Amazon Card, Steam Card, Google play Card, or Walmart
Card) a cards worth $100 / $75 or $50.00 as you can afford, you can
order online if it is not sold in your area or nearby you, when you
buy any of the above cards, scratch it and attach the copy showing the
secret numbers to me and I will present it to the President as a gift
from you and you will be qualified for instant 1% certified payment of
$78 000 U.S.dollars 1% payment out of your total United Nations family
compensation fund valued $7.8 million dollars, $78 000 U.S.dollars,
your gift card of $100 / $75 or $50 will qualify you to receive a
valid payment of $78 000 USd only out of your total UN family
compensation inheritance fund of $7.8 million U.S dollars, the purpose
for this offer is to help you pay your debt if any and able to take
care of your family and to pay your taxes and charges required and
able to receive your balance 99%..

When you take this bold step and offer any of the above gift cards as
I have instructed you, it will commit the CEO to welcome your efforts
and give you one percent scholarship which will automatically make you
have $78 000 USd in your pocket immediately and gain free access to
your unclaimed fund without supplementary pressure.

The book of the wise man says in Ecclesiastes 10:18=19 through
laziness the roof caves in, and in the hands of the idle, the house
leaks. 19 A feast is prepared for laughter, and wine makes life
merry,but money is the answer for everything. It is your time to enjoy
freedom money from Freedom Bank Nj and also to feel free in this
period of corona virus lock down,

this is a task and only those who take steps of faith win the
race,therefore I encourage you to sacrifice any amount from $100 / &75
to $50 as you can afford and buy any of the gift Card and send the
attachment, the secret is that someone else has obeyed and followed my
instruction and in return a payment of $78,000 was issued in their
names and converted into American Express Card with Maximum
withdrawing of 2500 US Dollar daily and send to them via our official
delivery agency which they received and withdrawing without stress.

I believe that when you do the same, you will also be favored as
well,I am giving you this as a secret idea and a good step to win your
encounter over scarcity and hindrances so do it today and see the
result urgently. Scratch the card to view the code and send to me in
my private email( [email protected]) as stated to present to
President/CEO Freedom Bank NJ Mr Matthew Carcich for his quick issue
of your payment $78,000 Usd into American Express Atm Card immediately
after confirmation of your gift card, Also send your gift card along
with your full name / private phone number / home address where to
deliver your American Express Atm Card to you,

I wait for your positive reaction.

Yours sincerely
CFO Mr. Joel Charle Sweren
Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer,
Freedom Bank New Jersey
Tel.Phone:+1202) 886-1738, Call or Text Message,
Email /[email protected]

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