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#422298 by Troy Platt Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:49 pm
Reply-To: [email protected]
From: Dr.James Williams Welstead <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 22:36:23 -0800
Subject: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Los Angeles International Airport
3200 East Alfield Los California 75261
Director's Office In Charge
Dr. James Williams Welstead

Attention: Honorable Beneficiary

I am here to update you that information reaching us from our Attorney Mr.
Davis Ryan from Supreme Court of California said that the Honorable chief
judge of international court of justice Mr.Peter Philip has declare Mr. Thomas
Allen an innocent and they will released him from jail on Wednesday
next week and hand him
over your Consignment Box worth of $5.8million as representative,

Mr.Thomas Allen is a Attorney and 53 years old, he is
located at 0801 9th Avenue North California city. Mr. Thomas Allen. The Los
Angeles Airport Customs said that if you the beneficiary has not comply under
24hrs that all your effort to receive your consignment trunk boxes will be in
vain to another man's favor.

As Mr.Thomas Allen told the Supreme Court of California at the first time that
you left all your title on his care as your next of king, Based on board of
directors meeting,they have concluded to approve the consignment Trunk Boxes
on favor of your representative Mr. Thomas Allen due to he have submitted all
the documentation to the Supreme Court of California and passport for evidence
that you left all your title on his care as your next of king to take care of
your children.

I have been doing my best here to assist you in receiving your consignment
trunk boxes so that money you have spent on this delivery will not be in vain
and I'm believing that you are a reliable person, and I trusted you to be a
good person, that is why I have been protecting your consignment trunk boxes,
handling it as if it is mine,

However. we need your absolute co-operation with the payment Of $100
to obtained the needed certificate from Benin Customs Head Office as the
orignin of your consignment trunk boxes to enable diplomat make the delivery
to your home address today.

I will advice you to try all you could to make sure you send the fee today,you
can even looking for way to borrow it there and send it asap and receive your
consignment Trunk Boxes and pay any body or person that you have borrowed

However, Kindly use money Gram transfer ONLY (MoneyGram)receiver's details
below to effect this fee as soon as you receive this notification response
today so as to facility shipment of your Consignment Box to your doorstep as
quickly as possible:

Receiver's Data / information: send it to Money Gram money transfer
only or Itunes card or any kind of gift card


If they receive the fee, I assure you that you are going to confirm your
package WITHIN 7HRS through our choosing Diplomatic Agent.

I shall try my possible best to make sure you receive your consignment Boxes
today. and will like you to Take my word because i am strongly beside you and my
effort to this does not end until you confirm the availability of your fund in
your hands.

Yours sincerely
Dr.James Williams Welstead
email addres ([email protected])

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