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#422299 by Troy Platt Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:51 pm
Reply-To: [email protected]
From: FROM BARRISTER JIMMY ANDERSON <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 08:45:32 -0800

Dear Client,

The West Africa Monetary Agency have earlier re-called your Fund totally sum
of $5.8 Million USD from Credit Suisse Zurich, Switzerland and this Fund
the exact amount which you have been pursuing for long period of time if not
getting to years, while the re-calling of this Fund was due to Lack of Your
Fund Documentation.

After series of Complain tabled to this Government about the high rate of
Scamming issue been carried out and mostly from Africans, while the most
painful issue is that we finally discovered that this Internet Hackers have
gone to the extend of telling you about the reality and existence of your Fund
and you easily fall to their victim, while in respect to the termination of
these Scamming issues, We have alerted your Government Embassy residing at
Benin Republic to quickly come and fight for your rescue by settling the FEE
for the issuance of Your Fund Documentation since that was the main reason your
real Fund has been seized and delayed.

We hereby today announce a congratulating news to you as your Government
Embassy have finally responded directly to our call and therefore have paid
accordingly for your Fund Documentation, thereby giving you all assurance that
you now have the necessary Documentation that qualified you to respond and
claim your real Fund under my care and stop all other Communication if not from
this Office.

Now that your fund have been documented, the Central Bank Governor have agreed
with West Africa Monetary Agency WAMA`s director of operation to release your
$5.8 Million USD ASAP.

Your Fund approximate total sum of $5.8 Million USD which have been earlier
assigned under a check is presently still in a check form worth $5.8 Million
and the West Africa Monetary Agency have today instructed the Bank of Africa
(BOA) to release your check, but the check must be cleared in one local bank
here in Benin Republic, And since you are not here in Benin Republic, you are
required to open a Non-Resident Bank Account here in Benin Republic, under Bank
of Africa(BOA) and also under your responsibility to Activate your Non-Resident
Account, as Soon as the Non-Resident Account is opened and activated, Then the
Bank of Africa(BOA) will require your personal Banking details and after that
they will issue and clear your check and make it available into your new Non-
Resident Account, And Ones the check is cleared, your $$5.8 Million USD will be
credited into your new Non-Resident Account, after that you will now have the
chance to make a choice on how to receive your Fund which is to be {1} Through
ATM CARD, {2} Through Consignment Box. {3} if you prefer Bank to Bank Wire
Transfer, the Bank of Africa (BOA) will give you all the necessary
information's of your Non-Resident Account which will enable you make
withdrawals from the Non-Resident Account into any of your proffered personal
Bank Account.

Get back to me for more details of the next step on how to claim your
real $5.8 Million
USD and opening of your Non-Resident Account will cost only $105only,
Also do reconfirm the bellow information's to us.

Your Full Name.
Your Country:
YOUr address
Your City:
Your Available Cell Number
Your Available home Number

After reading my letter and you want to send the money kindly email me
back then tell me how you will use to send the money,
then i can send you the instrucions


Contact-Cell Phone No: text me or Add Me whatsapp or +2349036977095
(+19542817462)([email protected]) or ([email protected])

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