Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#433492 by Ian Page Mon May 16, 2022 4:47 am
From: [email protected]
Reply to: [email protected]
Received: Sun 15 May 2022 at 01:46

Greeting From FBI Headquarters Washington DC 20535-0001

The Federal bureau of investigation FBI Washington DC believe you
received the previous message we sent to you, prior to your dealings
with the US Custom Authority at (JFK) John F. Kennedy International
Airport New York as regards to your over-due contract payment
consignment trunk box worth $ 8,000.000.00 (Eight million us dollars
only) which was endorsed in your favor and like we stated earlier, we
have dully screened through this project as stipulated on our
protocols of operation and have finally confirmed that your contract
payment is 100 % genuine and hitch free from all facet and of which
you have the lawful right to claim your fund without any further

This is to let you know that we have just been informed through
secrete source that the US Custom Authority at (JFK) John F. Kennedy
International Airport New York are making arrangement to have your
contract fund wired into the Bank account of Mrs Jane Frederick, the
lady that contacted them, earlier and presented some documentations
evidencing your claim purported to have being signed personally by you
for the release of your contract fund to her, since you have chose to
ignore their messages and refuse to pay the required $200 for Custom
Clearance Certificate charges as imposed, despite the advise we gave
to you.

I want to personally assure you once again that you will have every
course to smile and be happy upon conclusion of this project, as we
will continue monitoring all your services with them at all level as
well as your correspondence until you have received your Metal Trunk
Box accordingly. As a lawful legal owner we are hereby to protect your
interest and that is the reason why we are doing all we can to make
sure all goes well because this is a huge amount of money which we do
not wish for you to lose .

We understand that the imposed fee might be too much for you to pay so
to further make things easier for you, we have discussed with the US
Custom Authority at (JFK) John F. Kennedy International Airport New
York pleaded on your behalf for them to give you the grace of sending
half of the charges $100 for now after which the Diplomatic Agent
delivery your consignment trunk box to you then once you receive your
fund you can then pay the balance $100. All we want you to do right
now is to send the half of the money with the name listed below so we
can forward it to Benin Republic Customs authority to help us obtain
the Custom Clearance Certificate and the diplomat will make the
delivery to your home address tomorrow morning.



City Location: Cotonou
Country: Benin Republic
Text Question: How Long
Text Answer: 24hours
Amount: $100
Sender's Name

Contact us right away and let us know when you send half of the
charges as we discussed with them to enable them route your fund to
you with immediate effect. This is a life time opportunity and we will
advise you take advantage of it, before it is too late to do so.

Also we are informed that we came to an agreement with the US Custom
Authority at (JFK) John F. Kennedy International Airport New York that
you will be sending half of the fee latest before the end of tomorrow.
So please we will advise that you send the fee right away because if
you fail to do that, then they will have no other choice than to
release your fund to Mrs Jane Frederick who is ready to work with them
and that am sure will be a very great loss to you as we can not be
able to help you then,

CLICK ON REPLY, TO REPLY BACK TO ME DIRECT, and do not forget to give
me your direct mobile line for private communication.

All the messages you have been receiving from those low life fake
peoples were from her the same group of fake members only to confuse
you. To Visit FBI Headquarters / Tours. Our Headquarters is located
between 9th and 10th Streets in northwest Washington, DC The closest
Metro subway stops are Federal Triangle on the Orange / Blue lines,
Gallery Place / Chinatown and Metro Center on the Red line, and
Archives / Navy Memorial on the Yellow and Green lines

Federal Bureau of Investigation F B I
Yours in Service,Photograph of Director

#437647 by Link Sun Jan 15, 2023 4:13 pm
[email protected]

Reply-To: [email protected]
From: "Mr. Brian T. Moynihan (CEO)" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2023 15:20:01 -0800

Subject: Bank of America Corporate Office Headquarters
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Bank of America Corporate Office Headquarters 100 N.Tryon St Charlotte,NC 28255
Our Ref: BOA/IRU/SFE/15.5/WD/011 United States of America

Dear esteemed customer,

Does it mean that you are no more interested of making the claim of
your outstanding fund US$20.5 Million of yours which have successful
channel to transfer to you and I borrowed money on Sunday after
service from my Pastor yesterday, then you have to send the remain
balance now only $50.00 but i don't see the reason you have to keep
silent on me, honestly I am just disappointed at your behaviors
because you know that I cannot deceive you, Just pay the $50.00 and
leave the rest for me watching me if I am telling you lies and with
all due respect, if you really know that you are no more interested of
making this claim of your outstanding fund of yours kindly update me
now to cancel this Transfer since your negative thought does not allow
you to believe on the reality so send me a declaration letter stated
that you are no more interested in making the claim so that I will
cancel the transfer.

What makes you think that you will not secure your fund and have
Access of the fund as Beneficiary and you should know that I have made
everything possible for you to receive this payment so kindly go now
to the Walmart and get me iTunes card of $50 so that the gate fee will
be obtained to enable you receive this payment. Does it mean that you
are internationally want to delay this matter and it has been long
that I made the announcement of release of your fund which is ready to
be with you so with all due respect I advise you to go now and send
this fee immediately without any delay and update me because I want
you to secure this fund as agreed and signed.

Your payments is already approval for you to receive it but the
management here says that you must pay $50.00 for the Stamp and
activation charge before you can receive the payment today, please go
right now to the Walmart and get me iTunes card of $50 and i have
assured you a time without number that this is genuine and legitimate.
I swear If I fail to release your payment after you send the $50.00 as
I promise don't count on me again, I cannot fail you, I promise you
don’t fear as soon as you send the $50.00 today, please leave the rest
to me and see if I am lying to you because I cannot use my life swear
because of $50.00, how can I swear against my life because of this
small amount? it is to show you that I am telling you the truth.

So, you are advised to go right now to Walmart and get me a Google
card for $50 so that I can proceed and get everything done. Asap I
promise you as soon as I hear from you with the payment of a $50
Google card. Today i shall send your pick-up information the same day
you send the $50.00 I swear

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your banking needs.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Brian T. Moynihan (CEO)
Bank of America®
Corporate Office Headquarters, Charlotte, N.C.
Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC.
© 2011 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved.

If you're here because you received the same email as what I posted and you're wondering if it's a scam...YES, it's a scam.
#437835 by Link Wed Jan 25, 2023 2:47 pm
[email protected]

Reply-To: [email protected]
From: "Rev Timothy Johnson, P.C.
Chief Justice" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 04:34:34 -0800

Subject: Chief Justice of Canada Ontario Superior Court of Justice
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Welcome To Supreme Court of Canada
74 Woolwich St, Guelph, ON N1H 3T9, Canada
Ontario Superior Court of Justice,

Attention Dear beneficiary:

This is to notify you that Mr. David I McKay the President and CEO
Royal Bank of Canada visited my office with an envelope containing
copies of documents and the documents are your lottery won payment
file. They stated that you disclaim your Lottery win and the purpose
of visiting my office is to seek support and have my signature on the
documents for easy confiscation of your US$12,000,000.00. to the
government budget account since you don't want to receive it. but with
the experience in the judiciary i refused to sign the documents.

However, due to humanitarian ground and sympathy. I immediately called
up the Mr. Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada and explain your
matter to him as regards to your payment and he personally called Mr.
David I McKay CEO Royal Bank of Canada to reduce the payment from a
higher rate to US$50 in order to help you afford the fee.

To this end it will interest you to know that every and any
fee/charges required has been reduced to only the sum of $50,us
dollars. This step is in order to enable you to afford this only fee
and receive your ATM Visa Card. NOTE: Every documentation proof for
your fund has been packaged and sealed to be mailed together with your
Visa Card to your address.

You are required to buy only $50,usd iTunes Apple cards or Steam
Wallet Cards. The ONLY charge you will ever pay before your package
will leave your address. You will never pay a dime again as agreed and
signed down here in Court of Canada that you will never pay any other
money apart from the $50,usd

Please know that you have from now till the end of today to affect
the required payment and receive your ATM Visa Card. I don't want you
to doubt me on this because after you send the money you will surely
share the testimony to your family and to the church where you

Therefore, the days of you being subjected to paying twice Double
Payment is over as that is the case with some corrupt officials down
there in Africa. The payment approval documents have been acquired for
the smooth delivery of your ATM visa Card of US$12,000,000.00. You
were awarded the fund for investment to ease the economic crunch and
to be profitable and help others in need as a measure to ease the
present economic hardship.

This is your last chance to comply with the instruction or else i will
close your fill which will make it impossible for you to receive your
fund in future. You have only two working days to comply or lose this
great opportunity.


Thanks, and God bless.
Best Regards,
Rev Timothy Johnson, P.C. Chief Justice of Canada
Ontario Superior Court of Justice

If you're here because you received the same email as what I posted and you're wondering if it's a scam...YES, it's a scam.

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