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#433728 by Ian Page Sat May 21, 2022 1:56 pm
From: [email protected]
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Subject: Re: Are you still alive?
Received: Sat 21 May 2022 at 18:29

l hope you are well and alive

My office also received a copy of the message sent to you from the bank, notifying you about the payment schedule in your favour from World Bank/IMF as Covid19 Economic Empowerment Funds, before Mr. Ernest Adams, filed the Application for Change of Beneficiary, citing that you are dead and that your surviving next kins have appointed him as a Trustee over your assets.

While, the bank has initiated the process of transferring the funds to you, via Online Banking Payment, l will need the following information from you:

Full name
Tel. number

l will draft the Court Counter Affidavit in your favour and file with the court, to strike out the Application for Claimed filed by Mr. Ernest Adams.

Upon receipt of the Court Counter Affidavit granted by the court, the bank will provide you with the Login and Password to your Offshore Escrow Online Bank Account where the funds will be deposited for your onward transfer via online banking.

Also, l will need the court filing fee of US$1,850.

l wait for your response, and readiness to proceed by making available the court filing fee.

Let me know if l should provide you a bank account or remit the fee, or do you prefer Western Union/or Bitcoins.?


Philip Cole
Senior Partner
Cole & Associates

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