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The source host name is "mz-pxy-hcb001.ocn.ad.jp" and the source IP address is

Geo-Location Information

Country Japan

City Tokyo

From: Mrs Barbara Wolniakowski [email protected]

Reply-To: Mrs Barbara Wolniakowski [email protected]


Begin Scam Email:

Dear Hyung Bhan,

I am contacting you as the only one i can trust and will assist me to take care of my son by given him his inheritance if found, i lost my husband ( Captain
Bruno Wolniakowski) and only son ( William Wolniakowski) on our way to escape the tragedy of war in Libya were i lived and worked for 15 years, i worked in
Libya oil terminal handler during Muammar Gaddafi regime while my husband is a captain of vessel that convey crude oil barrel to different countries.

Its is a pity that from the injuries i sustain on my way for survival before i could be able and manage to get help and medical assistance, i could not be

able to
survive as doctors have tried their possible best to keep me alive until this moment.I am writing to you with tears in my eyes, my inner most feeling and

spirit tells me that you are the only one that can help me at this present predicament.

I have a son and a husband whom i could not find and did not know if they are still alive, we are displace by war and could not escape on time due to the
location we are living and was held by the Libyan soldiers loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.

Presently i could only communicate with you through the help of a nurse Mrs Evelyn who is helping me since i was brought here last week, i have written to
the embassy of United State were i come from and have not gotten response yet and have lost every hope of getting back to United State unless at death due to
the critical state of my health which am not sure that i will be alive to read your response.

I manage to deposit my fund ($2.5 million) credited in VISA ATM CARD with the help of Evelyn who speak local language to a Security Company in Benin Republic

West Africa, and want you to contact Reverend Moses to furnish you with the information i gave to him which you will use to claim the ATM from the security

company with your FULL NAME,ADDRESS, AND TELEPHONE NUMBER as my next of kin.

The pin code to access the ATM and make Withdrawal was carefully sealed in an envelope that contain the ATM before i deposited it with security company, i
could not be able to finance the ATM delivery to your address due to the fact that i have run out of money and could not make use of it since i do not want
to loose all i have and let my son suffer. I want you to take 50% of the total money for your troubles and keep the rest for my son if found and you manage
to get the news or information of his were about, if not then deposit the rest to the orphanage homes.

Please my dear the ATM can only pay you $20,000 daily and i want you to start withdrawal immediately you receive it so that you will save my funds before the

ATM deactivate as the duration is only one year.

I want you to promise me that you will make use of my fund as advised and will give the rest to the less privileged homes if you did not hear from my


I hope that my request will be granted and hope to hear from you, but in case if you did not hear from me please feel free to contact and discuss with
Reverend , he will send you he documents with a copy of my international passport an evidence you will use for the claim as my next of kin and i direct your
response to his email address.

Contact Reverend Moses on this email address below immediately you receive my email.

Email : ([email protected])
Telephone : ( +229 96 39 36 93)
Yours Sister
Mrs Barbara Wolniakowski

End Scam Email

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