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#10582 by Ralph Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:07 am
This scam will tell you that they have 2.8 million dollars waiting for you in an ATM card, they have gone further in an unusual step by giving you (and everybody else they sent this to) a tracking number

It is just another way to steal your money, please dont fall for it

This search will show another example of the same scam Click Here and will lead you to other scam emails

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: ADAMS DANIEL OMOO. <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 1:08:29 AM

112 /432 GOVT HOUSE

This is to officially inform you that we do apologize for the delay of your ATM card containing $2.8M United State Dollars. We hereby inform you that your ATM card package have been already delivered to our BRANCH in USA for activation of your ATM swift card, which will enable the release of your USER PIN NUMBER to operate your ATM swift card in any ATM Machine.

Be advised that your ATM card was ship on the May 07, 2009 and it has been delivered on the May 08, 2009 to CARSON CITY, NV, US with our representative , which you will be receiving your ATM swift card once you procure the UNITED NATIONS CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE which will only cost you $450 only. Because without the procurement of this Certificate, delivery cannot take place, because we will be charged for illegal transfer by the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (IRS) in your country.

Be advised that if you want to procure the certificate, the presentation of the $450 must be paid by you to enable successful procurement and after that we will Fax our representative in the United Stated to get your ATM swift card ready for delivery to hit your door step without any further delay.

Please note the reason why you are been ask to pay for your procurement is simply because the United Nation has your Approval Slip order which contains your User Pin Number which will enable you access your ATM Card and in order for them to release it to you that must confirm that you have procured the CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE to enable them grant a release order of your Parcel and all order Documentation that will back up your Fund for legal transaction. The $450 is for your Anti Terrorist Clearance certificate, kindly get back to us and indicate the code of conduct (001) and reconfirm your mailing address to avoid any mistake when delivering your ATM card package to you.

Note, you are only advice to forward us your re-confirmation of your address if you are ready to procure the Anti Terrorist Clearance certificate.


Full Name:
Contact Address:
Cell Phone Number:
Fax Number:

The below is the tracking number of the parcel, that was ship to our representative.
Ups Tracking Number: 1Z8T99E90197342207
Web Site: http://www.ups.com

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your ATM card package weight is 1.0 lbs.
N.B: We advice your comply so that you would stop going through the same process which Imposers use by asking you to do something else after you have completed what they asked for the truth is in front of you .

Contact Mr. Adams Daniel on his direct line to complete your process: +234 80 821 133137.


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