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#81403 by youjo king Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:54 am
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My name is Mr. Hussain Biyari,I am a financial director with RUSD Investment
Bank Inc (Labuan) Malaysia. I have a prospect in my office that will be of
great benefit to us . I can assure you it is 100% risk free and legitimate, We
will share in the Ratio of 50/50 % at the end of a successful deal. All i
require is your honest co-operation,dedication and trust for the success of
this deal.

I'll send you details of the proposal if you are interested and any other
requirements you desire to confirm the authenticity of this proposal.

For more details please contact me via the email below:
[email protected]


Hussain Biyari.

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More than likely a hijacked account

Any person who by any false pretence, and with intent to defraud, obtains from any other person anything capable of being stolen, or induces any other person to deliver to any person anything capable of being stolen, is guilty of a felony.

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