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Edem Abrah Esq.
(Principal Partner)
Legal and Business Consultant Co., Ltd.
Avenue 13 Jv.
Lathairat Rd, Section Prefacture.
Lome District, Republic of Togo.
Dear Friend,
I know this way of contact is not the most secured channel to pass a message of this importance but, it is the quickest means available to me in this moment, please bear with me.
My name is Edem Abrah, an Attorney at Law. I send you this message to brief you about a foreign client of mine who beared the same Surname name with you and who may be from the same region as you. The man died here in my country (Republic of Togo) in the year 2008 as a result of heart-related condition. He left a total sum of ($6.701,000.00) Six Million, Seven Hundred and One thousand USA Dollars in his bank account here.
The Bank has issued a notice to me to contact the next of kin to my late client, or the account and fund will be declared unserviceable and confiscated at the end of this year. But because I can not find any of my late client's relatives or his next of kin to come and claim the fund, I have contacted you, so that you and I can secretly collaborate and work together as partners to claim the fund into your account as the relative of my late client.
I will send to you details on how both of us are going to carry out this transaction so that the proceeds of my late client's account can be paid to you as an inherited fund within 14 days. You will take 40% of the total fund as your own share and I will take 60% immediately the fund is paid into your account.
All legal documents or information to back up your claim as my client's relative and next-of-kin will be provided. All I need is your honest cooperation for the success of this transaction. Everything will be done confidencially and with complete trust so there will be nothing to worry about. Please reply to me as soon as possible to let us discuss further. I wait for your reply. Thank you very much.
Please reply me on my private email:[email protected]
Back with:
(1):Full Names................
(3):Age...... Sex..........
(4):Private Phone Number...........
(5):Full Adress.................
Best regards,
Edem Abrah Esq.

If you wish you can email me at
[email protected]

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