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Good day to you and your family, am here to relate with you the story of my life, my name is Collins Eziza Akpara, am seeking for a trusted and honest hand that will help me to receive my inheritage (ATM VISA CARD) worth ($4,900.000.00) and it was deposited and registered in my name which I inherited from my late Father "Mr Eziza Akpara", my family was attack by arm robbers in our residential home, killed my father, mother and rapped my sister to death last year December 15TH 2011, Luckily for me I was in school before the sadden news.

After the death of my family, i discover that my wicked uncle was behind everything that has happened and he is still hunting for me for to assassinate me with higher killers, he is just doing all these because of my father’s wealth I only get hold of these document that prove me as the inheritor of the “ATM VISA CARD” am ready to abandon other valuable properties such as houses, lands but I cannot go for all that far because of my wicked uncle and his other brothers, i just need this ATM VISA CARD to be out of my country for my security, I know with this “ATM VISA CARD” in my position, With your assurance and your trustworthy I will be able to allow the bank to post the ATM VISA CARD to you in your home address right there in your country: I want you to inform me on your percentage for your help and assistance as I will not want anything greediness.

My late father deposited it in my name and documented it as a surprising gift to me anytime his soul (R.I.P) for me to start up my life, Because he know the kind of people around me will want to fight against me to acquire my inheritance if he is late, so he ask his bank where the ATM VISA CARD is deposited to present it to me anytime he is dead, so that I can travel out of my country to another country for my safety, so the token of gift given to me by my father's was all the documented that is proving me as the inheritor of the valid "ATM CASH CARD", if I confirm your capability on this project then i will give you the contact of the bank.

Provide me with the information below if you are willing to assist me.

Your Present resident Address:
Your private telephone number:
Your international Passport / ID card.

Now i am sleeping in the church with the help of a pastor. Please I need a God fearing person that will help me invest on this fund very well and become my parents and my family to make me forget the past and also to continue my studies, I await your acceptance on my safety and I shall update you more with my details when I hear from you.

My regards,
Collins Eziza Akpara.

If you wish you can email me at
[email protected]

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