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#2376 by benjamin Wed Jan 02, 2008 3:33 pm
Another trunk box scam:

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Date: Tue, xx 2007 05:47:47 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Mourad Busiris" <[email protected]>
Reply-to: [email protected]
Subject: read and get back to me
To: [email protected]
Bcc: xxxx
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Dear xxxx,
I have not intention of prying into your private life but only certain circumstances,made me do so please pardon me.

I am a 27yrs old boy who used to school and live peacefully with my family back home in Somalia until this unfortunate incident which is still not clear to me happened and changed evrything.I do not know where to start but by God Almightys Grace I must start somewhere. My whole Family was murdered by rebels at the Bakar District in Somali,not upto three weeks now. through the assistance of a UN AID WORKER Dr. ELMAR MILAROS,I and her managed came to Gabon,from where we came to Bugumbura Refugee Camp Ghana where I am presently.Dr. MILAROS hails from Venezuela and has since droped me at the camp for her to have time look into other matters.

I write to ask for your help in receiving two mini trunk boxes into your COUNTRY and help my find peace there. The content of the boxes are uncut diamond stones with a market value of $71.m British Pounds.It originally belongs to my late Parents Asad Busiris and Zeina Busiris, whom where both precious stone sellers back home in Bakar district Somalia.Before Dr. MILAROS departed to her work place, she helped me keep the boxes with Customs at KOTOKA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Ghana ready to be delivered to any destined address overseas.

My life is in sambles am in serious pains please I humbly beg you I need to get away from here to a better place with the boxes. for your help I will give you some of the diamonds and keep the rest for myself and charity.please I depend on you to help me get my life back since Dr. MILAROS advised me to look for a help through you,she told me that you are the only hope for me although she does not know the original contents of the boxes,she was able to look at the documents which was given to her by my late Dad when she ressumed station at the UN OFFICE in Somalia in 2005.
Kindly keep this contact close to heart until I and the boxes are safely settled in your country. Thank you God bless as I wait for your response.bye.

Mourad Busiris.

#2386 by rdmercer1953 Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:52 pm
it seems rather strange to me that this person with the two trunk boxes, and his family has been killed, and he is in a Refugee Camp, i did not know that Refugee Camps had internet axcess, also it was poorly writen.

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