Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#2816 by SomeOne Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:33 pm
Hello I'm new here and I think I have a new "money transfer" scam here. Here is some of the header information from the email that I received. I obviously ommited my email address and other non-important information from the header info. I hope this helps someone out. This is definitely a scam as I do not have a resume posted on monster.com.

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From: Inga Carlson <carmelodillard36>
Subject: Part-time Position Application
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Fekete described money as "a transmitter of value through space and time…with the least possible loss". Transmission of value through time correlates to money's role as a store of value. Transmission through space is a reference to money's usefulness as a medium of indirect exchange, that is, a means of effecting payment. It looks to me like he meant or was emphasizing physical space, distance.

Good Morning

We have received your resume from www.Monster.com , reviewed it and are interested in you as an employee.

We are currently looking for a few qualified persons to become members of our team. If you are looking for
new experience, new accomplishments in your career, and are willing to receive better income you are welcome to join our company.

Our site is designed for the operations of selling and exchanging buying Pecunix, E-gold, E-bullion, and other e-currencies.
Operations occur within 1 business day(s). We have local branches in Findland, France, and Latvia Sweden, Germany, and Estonia.
Position Description:
The duty of the "Tranfer Manager" is collecting payments (to your Bank or PayPal account) from buyers in timely manner, sending them to our company in Netherlands via Wire Transfers or MoneyGram, and to solve issues associated with these tasks.
If you don't have bank account, our manager will find nearest bank, and open a new checking account there.
All fees will be paid by our company.

Every payment order will be accompanied with detailed instructions. It is a work-at-home job.
It is a commission based position. You will get 8% of each processed payment immediately, right after you accomplish the task.

General requirements:

Experience in Internet usage;
Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations;
Willingness to work from home, take responsibility and achieve higher goals;
Any experience in customer service sphere is appreciated;
Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word is a plus.
Applicants must be of legal age;
Good communications skills;
Salary: $700-$1400 per week

This job will allow you to:

increase available personal time;
work efficiently from home;
get financial independence for less time than it's usually required;
develop high self-respect and esteem.
Working time is flexible. You can choose to perform the work when it is convenient to you.
The general requirement is to spend 20-40 minutes a day for the work.

You will need to check your mail 3-5 times a day to see if there is any work for you.

You are not required to pay any money for becoming our employee.

If you are interested, please send message back.
And We will provide you with detailed description of this position and our company . ( web-site address, licenses, etc.) , as well as answer for your questions.

Thinking back, the logic for what I'm going to say next derived from an essay I read in '97 or '98 by Antal Fekete. I just now tracked it down again and it is still online. I haven't re-read it again in detail so I don't want to imply I agree with everything it says though on a quick scan it still looks pretty worthwhile.
The second case where e-gold can afford benefits unachievable with any other currency relates to its function as a settlement platform. The truly unique and unprecedented characteristic of e-gold is not that it is digital, or tied to gold, or online. It is the fact that end users can directly access the settlement platform... without going through any financial intermediary. To tell this story though requires a clear understanding of the role of liability in monetary arrangements.
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#2819 by Underwater Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:04 pm

Thanks for posting that. It's actually a pretty common "payment representative" scam, although I don't often see it combined with the e-gold and e-buillion concept, so from that perspective it's rather unique.

As I'm sure you realize, what would happen is that you would receive checks in the mail from the scammers. These checks would, of course, be fraudulent, but they would look real enough for you to deposit them in your account. Your bank would give you access to the funds within a few days, as they are required by law, and you would withdraw the money, keep your "commission", and wire the rest to the scammers. Some days or weeks later the check would bounce, and you'd be on the hook for the entire amount, including all that you'd already sent to the scammers.

It's always helpful to post these scams, as it can help a potential victim who might google the name of the company and end up here.

Thanks again!

#2820 by ColinWarrins Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:04 pm
Classic check scam. Thanks for sharing. :)

Email: Colin.Warrins at Scamwarners dot com

#2822 by SomeOne Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:22 pm
Your very welcome next time i get one of these I will post it again. In the past I have received a few scam emails saying that they found a trunk of money, or someone needs medical treatment, this was the first job scam i received. I usually just forward it to the FBi and to my ISP. I replyed once to an old scam email saying that "I know this is a scam ass-hat". But now that I have found this site I will post them on here also. What caught my attention was the word scambaiter on wiki and it is from there that I got the name of this website. I always wondered if I was the only person who thought of replying and screwing around with them, guess not lol. The trophy room is the best never seen anything like it. Funny but sad.

#2823 by ColinWarrins Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:25 pm
Unfortunately, forwarding to the FBI or your ISP won't do much good. These scams are too numerous, and the harm too remote, for local law enforcement to do anything.

You're probably just better off deleting them, or if you get some good ones, posting here or on 419eater.com.

Email: Colin.Warrins at Scamwarners dot com

#2824 by Underwater Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:32 pm
^^^Echoing ColinWarrins' post - it's really of no value to forward the email anywhere, as they are sent out by the millions from anonymous email addresses that cannot be traced. Some of us baiters have catcher accounts that literally get hundreds of them a day. They are just like clouds of knats flying around the internet - no more or less annoying. Posting them in repositories like this one can be of value, as potential vics might google the email addy or company name, but that's about the only thing that can be done with them.
#2825 by SomeOne Wed Mar 05, 2008 2:10 pm
I was just thinking about getting a hotmail address to use as a honeypot, I would like to see how fast the new email will spread around. I cant wait.

#2832 by Ralph Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:38 pm
Dont use hotmail, get yourself a gmail account, the IP doesn't get sent with your email

If you are going to take up baiting, and it can be great fun then I recommend going back to 419eater and ask for a mentor over there, the 2 sites work closely together but do have 2 seperate agendas, over there its fun and games, hoping some lad loses an eye, over here we concentrate more on helping victims.

There is lots to learn about baiting and you will be amazed at how much imagination and skill can be put into a bait.

#2834 by ChrisSmith Thu Mar 06, 2008 4:31 am
Hiya Someone.

Unless you're baiting, it's not worth sending back any abuse to the scammer. He gets hundreds of replies like that anyway and it's water off a duck's back.

But what it does do is tell the scammer that your email address is "live". So although he might know he's not got you on that particular scam, he may believe he's got a chance with another and will therefore target you again with a different format that may be harder to spot.

You've got good advice if you want to take up baiting. Do it properly - join a site, read up and get a mentor.
Have fun but do so safely. :wink:

#2839 by SomeOne Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:20 am
Ralph, thanks for the advice about using a gmail account instead of a hotmail account. Baiting sounds like a great way to waste the scammers time and also for a bit of fun. The main reason why I wan't to setup an email account to use as a type of honeypot is to see how fast the email can spread from just one reply to a known scammer email and I'm also interested to see how many other scammers get my email address.
I will be going back to 419eaters to talk to some of the people there, they do a good thing over there. The more time we can waste by making these scammers do such idiotic stuff is less time that they will have to scam some old lady out of her life savings. Even if you leave out the idiotic fun you can still waste there time. Either way its slows them down even if its a very small fraction of time. Thanks again ChrisSmith, Ralph, Underwater, ColinWarrins for all of the advice and for replying so fast.

#2840 by ChrisSmith Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:52 am
^^^ Your results would be very hit and miss, so really wouldn't tell you a lot.
If you got a gang, you could find yourself getting a lot of scam-mail - especially if they're networking with other gangs.
Or you could get a lone wolf - in which case you would probably receive very limited mail.
But even then, some lone wolves network and some gangs are pretty much insular, so there's no way of getting results that will be of any use.

The normal practice of baiting for scam-mail is by seeding guest books... but that's really a conversation that should be carried on at our sister site.

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