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#186315 by Faizan Docherty Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:32 am
From: SYNDICATE BANK LONDON <[email protected]>
Date: 2013/12/28
To: <snipped>

[email protected]

2A East Cheap,London EC3M ILH ( Reg: 576104 )
EC3M ILH ( Reg: 576104 ) United Kingdom
Tell :+447031899608
Fax :+447031898830
From The Office Of: Mr.S.Balakrishnan
Director of Online Banking & Transfer Department



Fund Deposit File No.PS101454/SBL/80 refers.Reference to your request
for release of (Late) Mr.Dugba Fred Linus) .Deposited fund,( $6.3
Million United State Dollar ) willed to ( Miss Grace Dugba Fred) ,Who
is presently in Dakar-Senegal. We have acknowledge the receipt of your
email inquiry in-respect to the said inherited fund deposited in our
escrow account and to legally effect transfer in your favor as an
Appointed Trustee by ( Miss Grace Dugba Fred) of the sum of
US$6.300,000.00 deposited by (Late) Mr.Dugba Fred Linus) .which he
indicated her daughter ( Miss Grace Dugba Fred ) as Next of Kin,
however we shall require the following documents:

1. You should present an authority letter (power of attorney) dully
signed by a Senegalese based Lawyer as your witness, mandating you to
make this claims and transfer on ( Miss Grace Dugba Fred ) behalf.

2. Present A Sworn Affidavit of oat/support from the high court of Senegal.

3. Scan copy of your national identification or international
passport/driving license.

Be informed that on receipt of the above documents As requested the
entire fund could be transferred to your account on her behalf on
receipt of the above documents issued by a Senegalese Federal High
Court of Justice in Dakar. We hope that you should understand that our
request for the above documents and information's is part of the our
security protocols to avoid fraudulent claims or an unwarranted taking
advantage of his absence by some individuals or some other distance
relations who might have had access to his privacy.

On receipts of the above documents/information, we shall verify them
and as soon as we are satisfied, we shall process your claim and
effect the transfer to your account. We sincerely apologies for the
inconvenience, and we promise to give our customers the best of our
services. For more information you can reach the director foreign
operations( Mr.S.Balakrishnan ) You are advised either to fly down
there in Senegal or to arrange an attorney or you simple ask your
partner to get an attorney for you to procure all these documents for
you urgently to enable us effect transfer as she had earlier requested
us to assist her as soon as you contacted us.

We anticipate your swift responds
Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Annabell Scott .
Senior Manager - FTA International
Director Of Online Banking And Transfer Dept.
For: Syndicate Bank Of London

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